Nano Dimension Conducts Joint Venture with Hensoldt

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Nano Dimension announces another event that could show positive forward momentum for the company. The Israeli based 3-D printing company has recently announced a partnership with Hensoldt. The new entity will be called J.A.M.E.S GmBh. The aim of the joint venture is to bring about a revolution in the electronic fabrication and manufacturing segment of industry. The additively manufactured electronics provider and 3D printing company noted its partnership with a renowned in defense and security electronics, Hensoldt.

The Nano Dimension and Hensoldt Joint Venture

The joint venture, Jetted Additively Manufactures Electronic Sources, will help to bring about more research, collaboration, and results in the field of additively manufactured electronics. The two firms entered into this agreement after they had been working together on previous project. See, Hensoldt is a client of Nanodimension, it purchased Nano Dimension’s DragonFly PRO and LDM® 3D-AME printer technology over three years ago. It seems to have been impressed with the technology or this partnership and joint venture would not have come about.

One can assume that Hensoldt sees value in AME printer technology, a technology that according to recent reports  “is a highly agile and customized method for development, prototyping and fabrication of electronic circuits, which results in a significant reduction of time and cost in the time-to-market process. In addition, AME delivers a verified design before production begins, resulting in a higher quality product.”

Hensoldt Would Like To Make Further Progress on AME 3D Hi-PEDs

Hensoldt wants to see more progress in the AME 3D sector and would like to partner with Nano Dimension on a $6M venture called J.A.M.E.S. The facility will be present within Germany and is set to improve 3-D printed electronic components. The core idea with J.A.M.E.S is to foster a community that focuses on Printed Electronics (PE) and Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) elements.

The cloud enablement will span across borders and help to bring ideas to life in an experimental way through the J.A.M.E.S Lab in Germany. It then becomes a community development project plus a platform that is relevant in bringing ideas into reality.

That’s very smart. This cloud platform can contribute to the exchange, knowledge acquisition, ideas and overall progress in the development of AME.

Nano Dimension Makes Moves

Nano Dimension has been in the news lately because of its recent acquisitions. Oh, it has also been in the news because of its significant cash position for a relatively small company.

Individuals are interested in seeing how this publicly traded 3-D printing company, with its recent round of company purchases will do this year and over the next few years. It has not had significant progress since it went public but the company has changed its leadership, diluted stock and raised over a billion or more over the past year.

The firm has even hired an Amazon executive to develop Nano Dimension’s US operations. It is essential to note that Sean Patterson is a PCB veteran and certainly has the credentials to add value to Nano Dimension and its growth initiatives. That is important because you want to make sure that you are bringing on board industry veterans with skills, knowledge, connections and expertise to grow your firm when it is at the right stage.

It will be interesting to see how this new joint venture helps to move the needle for this 3D printing company. How will the two firms monetize and what will it bring in the future? This is an investment that seems to make sense on the surface but will it pay off? We will have to see over the next two years.

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