Motorola Teases Moto X Phone’s Camera Speed

Motorola is continually teasing its upcoming Moto X phone and the company has come up with another tease for its fans. The company has now tweeted about the speed of the camera on the Moto X phone. Motorola hasn’t revealed any further details regarding the phone or its features, but the company tweeted the following with the image attached below.


The tweet goes like this “either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow” Now, put those lines with the above attached image and you’ll understand what Moto means. Motorola is taking a new and unique approach with the new Moto X phone, the company is communicating with regular average users who are not interested in megapixels and ultrapixels, all they want is a good quality camera that is less blurry.

Motorola is taking the basic approach of catering to the average users, who don’t want to miss or take blurry pictures So, this tweet could mean that Motorola is going to introduce a blur free camera that takes photos without missing a moment again or maybe, it could also mean that Moto X phone will have a quicker way to access the camera, that’s so not worth a tweet.

Motorola X Phone: The X Factor

This tweet doesn’t reveal much about what to expect from the Moto X phone’s camera but as we look back into earlier rumors then there’s a little bit about the camera of the phone. We previously heard that the Moto X phone will sport a Clear Pixel camera. Not sure what Clear Pixel actually is or what it would do, but we’re assuming it would take clear blur-free photos?

Well, whatever it is, it’s going to be great because Motorola is a Google company now and we all love Google devices, don’t we? We hope that the Moto X phone actually offers something that grabs the attention of average users. Customization, Clear Pixel camera, Near Stock (or Vanilla) Android, Am I the only one excited about the Moto X phone?