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Foursquare Offering Free Movie Tickets at Comic Con

Are you going to the San Diego Comic Con? If you weren’t already, then Foursquare has given you yet another reason to check out this years comic inspired awesomeness. They have teamed up with with CBS Films and the Regal Entertainment group I order to bring a special treat for anyone attending the convention this year. This is taking advantage of their new post check in ad unit, designed to bring you special ads after utilizing the service. This is the latest attempt by the company to try and turn a profit. They are hoping that the ad revenue generated by it, and similar, special offers will be enough to turn them into a money making operation.



Foursquare Doles Out Movie Tickets to Con Goers

If you’re one of the lucky attendees checking into the San Diego Convention Center, you’ll be treated to a free movie ticket. What movie will you be getting a free ticket to? Of course it’s a ticket to The To Do List! I haven’t heard of it, but maybe that’s because I’m across the ocean in the UK. If you check in to the event you’ll be asked to supply your name and e-mail, then you’ll receive the ad in an e-mail soon after. To be fair, it’s not just a free ticket, it’s a buy one get one free offer. Which is technically a free ticket, there just happens to be a required purchase attached to it.

If you do find yourself taking advantage of the offer, then there is one more caveat to keep in mind. The offer is only redeemable at local theaters that are operated by one of the following theaters:Regal Cinemas, United Artists, or Edwards Theaters. Not only that, but you have to redeem it on the opening weekend, so if you’re not a fan of crowds at the theater then that is sort of a downer. Then again if you are checking in to a convention center, you probably don’t mind crowds all that much.

These post check in style ads first debuted when Foursquare teamed up with Toys R Us, offering coupons. The Comic Con offer will only be available to an unknown percentage of the people who are checking in. So, there is a chance you will never even get a chance to take advantage of the offer. Hopefully this whole thing works out for them, and we get even better offers in the future.