The Monthly Magic Box: May Box Review

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Welcome back to this month’s ‘Monthly Magic Box’ review! May’s box had SO many awesome items that we haven’t seen before, as well as the monthly standards, like booster packs. So, without further ado, let’s jump in and see what May’s Monthly Magic box had in store for us.

Magic: The Gathering Card Portfolio


May’s Monthly Magic Box included this beautiful card portfolio. Not to be confused with a card binder, pages cannot be added to this stand-alone portfolio and is used for rare or precious cards rather than just storage. Sporting 10 built-in card protector pages, this portfolio can hold up to 180 cards, if both sides of the pages are used.

Magic: The Gathering Card Storage Box


How incredible is the art on this card storage box!? This beautifully illustrated box is constructed from heavy-duty cardboard and is notched for easy lid removal. If bulky binders and card protectors aren’t your thing, you’ll love how many extra cards can be stored in this spacious box!

Ultra PRO Pro-Deck 100+ Card Box


This Ultra PRO Deck Box is a very large, heavy duty plastic deck box that can hold more than 100 cards. It comes with a plastic divider to keep multiple decks separated and is complete with a self-locking lid. With Ultra PRO being a leader in high-quality deck boxes, this deck box is sure to please any card collector.

Ultra PRO Deck Protector Sleeves


May’s Monthly Magic Box also included two packs of Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves. Each pack includes 50 protector sleeves for a grand total of 100 card sleeves. The sleeves feature an illustrated back made from PVC free plastic.

Journey into NYX Booster Pack


Also included in this month’s box is the highly anticipated booster pack! We got Journey into NYX for this month, as well. But, as we said in our last unboxing, it looks as if other subscribers are getting varying booster pack themes within their monthly boxes.

Over-sized Foil Card and Protector


We were really excited to find an over-sized foil Karador, Ghost Chieftain card in our box! This thing is really huge and includes an over-sized card protector to keep it safe. It is pictured above beside a standard sized card for scale.

That’s it for May’s ‘Monthly Magic Box’! A big THANK YOU to the folks as Monthly Magic Box for sponsoring this review. If you love Magic: The Gathering as much as we do, be sure to follow Monthly Magic Box on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news, and head over their site to score a subscription of your own!