A Geek’s Day Out: Fun, Geeky Places To Visit

Comic book store-geeky places to visit

Maybe you already frequent these spots or perhaps some of these places skipped your radar. At any rate, these geeky destinations will entertain as well as put you in the realm of fellow geeks. On your next date night or day off, give one of these places a visit!


Geeky places to visit

Whether it’s an art museum, science museum, or pop culture museum, you’re sure to get a lot of fun out of this geeky activity that stimulates your brain. You can ponder the meaning of a masterpiece, partake in an interactive science exhibit, or gaze at the relics of America’s pastime at a nearby museum. They’re usually free or you can get a student discount at the least.


Planetarium- geeky places to visit

Sometimes the bright lights of your city keep you from being able to appreciate a beautiful night sky. Even if you live in the airy country, there’s a wonder to planetariums that can’t be replaced. Sit back in a comfy, pitch black room and scrutinize the artificial stars as you brush up on astronomy for an hour or two.

Vintage Book Store

Vintage book shop-geeky places to visit

Check out that locally owned bookstore the next time you’re out and about. Little book shops have a special charm that large bookstore chains can’t capture. What’s more: the book selection is unmatched! There are loads of ancient, quirky, and hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Blow off the dust and get busy reading!

Thrift Store

Thrift stores-geeky places to visit

It’s not just your one-stop destination for hand-me-downs. This place is loaded with unwanted valuables like kooky, one of a kind furniture, old, interesting books that not even the vintage book store has, and foreign things called video and cassette tapes. You just might find a unique, vintage artifact that no one else will have.

Conventions: Comic Con and Otakon

Comic con-geeky places to visit

Get your best outfit together and get ready to cosplay or maybe you’re more of a closet-geek and simply taking pictures with the random characters is more your style. Whatever the case, don’t miss out. Find the Comic-con nearest you to share your love of comic books and popular arts or take a trip to Baltimore for Otakon to celebrate Asian pop culture. You’ll pay a hefty price, but the nerd in you knows it’s worth it.


Library-geeky places to visit

While this one may seem like a no-brainer, some libraries are worth visiting for sheer historical value. I’m talking about that huge, ancient library that the nearest major city has—not the public library down the street i.e. the Library of Congress or visit Columbia University’s libraries in New York. Traverse the rows of ancient books, take a guided tour, and admire the historic architecture.

Comic Book Store

Comic-book-store-geeky places to visit

What’s more geeky than collecting comic books? Some veteran geeks have collections that’ll put your nerdiest superhero dreams to shame. Explore comics from decades ago, but don’t touch! Even if comic books aren’t your thing, browsing the different volumes is just. . .awesome!


Aquarium-geeky places to visit

This place is not just for elementary school field trips or for kids who drag their parents along! I’ll have you know it takes a true intellectual soul to appreciate aquamarine life. Reading books and watching Discovery Channel just doesn’t compare to the real thing. Watch out for the sting rays!