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Monthly Magic Box: June Box Review

Welcome back to our ‘Monthly Magic Box’ review where we check out all of the amazing Magic: The Gathering items that are included in this awesome subscription box. This month’s box had a lot to offer in terms of unique products, as well as value! Lets check out what we got for the month of June!

‘Journey Into Nyx’ Starter Deck – Est. Value: $15.00


This is the first time, since we have been reviewing this box, that we have ever gotten and entire starter deck and boy, were we happy about it! This Journey Into Nyx Starter Deck includes a ready-to-play 60 card deck, two sealed 15 card booster packs, and a foil card as well.

Magic: The Gathering Deck Sleeves – Est. Value: $10.00


This pack includes 80 full-color deck protector sleeves. The 66mm x 91mm dimensions ensure a snug fit for all standard size MtG cards. Acid free and no PVC ensures that your cards will be well protected for years to come.

‘Conspiracy’ Booster Packs – Est. Value: $4.00 each / $8.00 total


Also included in this month’s box are two ‘Conspiracy’ themed booster packs. Each pack includes 15 random MtG playing cards. The Conspiracy theme is the first-ever multiplayer-focused booster set that has new Magic cards with new mechanics that enhance multiplayer play. The Magic: The Gathering–Conspiracy set is designed to be played with six to eight players who then split into groups of three or four players.

D20 – Est. Value: $3.00


June’s Monthly Magic Box features this medium sized D20. Note that it features a ‘bone’ finish that makes it appear aged with a patina.  Use this D20 to keep track of health in your next MtG game!

‘Keep Calm’ Magnet – Est. Value: $5.00


We love this adorable spoof on the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ slogan! This 2″ x 4″ magnet features the phrase ‘Play Lands and Pass Turn’ on a blue field, capped with the traditional crows associated with the original phrase. As you can see above, it looks great on my computer case!

Total Estimated Value for June’s Monthly Magic Box: $41.00. That’s a savings of $17.00!

That’s it for June’s ‘Monthly Magic Box’! A big THANK YOU to the folks as Monthly Magic Box for sponsoring this review. If you love Magic: The Gathering as much as we do, be sure to follow Monthly Magic Box on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news, and head over their site to score a subscription of your own!