The Monthly Magic Box: April Box Review

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Welcome to Geek Insider’s very first (but certainly not last) review of subscription box service ‘Monthly Magic Box’. No, there are no disappearing rabbits or cheesy card tricks in here. For a monthly fee, the folks at ‘Monthly Magic Box’ curate and send a bunch of epic ‘Magic: The Gathering’ related items right to your door. Of course, there are the expected booster packs and card sleeves, however, the ‘Monthly Magic Box’ packs a ton of surprising, unexpected items as well! Let’s dig into the April ‘Monthly Magic Box’ and see what it has to offer.

Blue/Islands Stress Ball Key Chain


The first item we pulled out of our ‘Monthly Magic Box’ was this adorable Islands Symbol key chain! If you play blue or a blue/other color combo, you’ll love having this little guy on your key ring to represent your color choice! Constructed from a soft foam, it also seems to double as a stress ball.

Creature Shirt


How cool is this custom shirt? Available in unisex sizes, this t-shirt features a collage of all of the creature types. From Merfolk to Rogues, this shirt definitely covers every creature and is sure to include your favorite. The shirt itself is made of high-quality cotton and is true to size.

Booster Pack


We also scored a ‘Journey Into NYX’ Booster Pack! It seems (from other unboxings we have seen) that the booster pack edition varies and not everyone received the ‘Journey Into NYX’ theme. That said, we got a few cards we needed and are pretty stoked that booster packs are pretty much a monthly staple for ‘Monthly Magic Box’.

Monster Dice


April’s ‘Monthly Magic Box’ also included an awesome 6-sided Monster Dice set. We scored a green set, complete with plastic case to keep them together. Other subscribers were treated to alternate colors (we definitely saw a red set, but perhaps there are more colors?), but were were really happy to have gotten green! You can never have enough dice, right?

Hyper-Mat Deck Sleeves


I don’t know about you, but I think deck sleeves can either be really great or really terrible. I was really pleased to find that these Hyper-Mat deck sleeves fall into the really great category. Why? If you have ever dropped your entire deck because of slippery deck sleeves, you can probably guess. These sleeves have an awesome grippy feel to the backs of them, which makes for easier shuffling, a great tactile feel, and fewer card-dropping accidents. Score!

CaramBar Caramel Candy


The folks at ‘Monthly Magic Box’ also included an extra goody this month, because CANDY! This little CaramBar was floating around in the bottom of our box, and we were happy to find it. If you’re curious, it was a bit like a caramel Tootsie Roll.


That’s it for April’s ‘Monthly Magic Box’! A big THANK YOU to the folks as Monthly Magic Box for sponsoring this review. If you love Magic: The Gathering as much as we do, be sure to follow Monthly Magic Box on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the latest news, and head over their site to score a subscription of your own!