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Mindbloom focuses on mental health,  but it does so in a novel way. Here is what you need to know about Mindbloom.

What is Mindbloom?

The pandemic has left many people buckling under the stressful conditions of life. What if you had access to a medical spa that solves your situation by granting you an at-home ketamine treatment? Well, then Mindbloom could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Studies have noted Mindbloom as an effective ketamine treatment provider for its ability to heal the unhealthy neural pathways that will help you achieve the clarity you’ll need to live your deserved life.

Mindbloom is a remote first, telehealth company that provides innovative solutions for mental health concerns.

Ketamine has been distinguished as a prescription medication meant to treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, OCD, PTSD and other mental health conditions. In most cases, ketamine is prescribed off-label and has been adopted as an FDA-approved anesthetic for over four decades now.

In essence, Mindbloom’s ketamine medications work by eliciting a disconnection from the ordinary self by inducing the senses of creativity, insight, empathy, emotional connection, psychological rebirth, serenity, gratitude and moving outside the ‘self’.

A Review of Mindbloom

Mindbloom is distinguished as an organization that relies on the collaborative efforts of clinicians, medical researchers, and patients whose aim is to increase the world’s access to mental health and well being remedies through psychedelic therapy. In essence, Mindbloom greatly depends on science-backed methodologies with guided ketamine remedies for anxiety and depression-related disorders as the starting point.

Practically, the Mindbloom platform grants professional psychiatric clinicians the ability to attain positive outcomes for their clients. The Mindbloom method is distinguished as an artfully conceived experience and a low-cost remedy that offers optimal convenience among the targeted patient segments.


What does the Mindbloom method Entail?

As noted earlier, Mindbloom uses ketamine treatment/psychedelic therapy to treat individuals with treatment resistant anxiety and depressive conditions. In essence, Mindbloom recommends that its patients should undergo a series of pre-therapy procedures like video consultations, online assessments and psychiatric evaluation with a clinician to set the intention of the therapeutic psychedelic initiative.

A Mindbloom clinician will be ready to guide you through the first treatment session once there’s a clear determination that you are fit to take the guided psychedelic therapy.  The first session will involve mental and physical preparations, sharing tips and reviewing your intentions. The clinician may also take advantage of the first session to recommend a dosage for therapeutic purposes.

Remember, the ketamine dose prescribed by the physician is taken orally, but under the tongue. Its activation process commences for 10 minutes. You may need a close friend, a family member or a trained facilitator to monitor your progress through a “peer treatment monitor”.

The monitoring agent is meant to explore your mental changes through an hour-long introspective process as the clinician makes the necessary adjustments.  Conversely, you will be required to integrate your experiences throughout the treatment journey through personal reflections.

Mindbloom operates with the aim of increasing its consumer segments’ access to mental health remedies that are safe and effective. To date, the organization continues to enhance its therapeutic procedures by working with experts to develop treatment protocols that foster healing and well being.


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