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Microsoft Targeted By Hackers

In what seems to be an increasingly common occurrence, Microsoft has disclosed in a blog post this week, that they were, in fact, the target of hackers. Although they are quick to reassure the public that no customer data had been accessed, it is still a very disconcerting situation for Microsoft clients.


Security Breeches Across the Board

On February 23rd, Microsoft announced via a blog post that a small number of their computers have been deliberately infected with a malicious software. Citing Apple and Facebook’s recent hacker plight, Microsoft portrayed their security intrusion as ‘similar’.  They cited this because the software was used in a similar fashion with the same techniques as those used in the Apple and Facebook breeches. We can only assume they are insinuating that the same hackers who breached Facebook and Apple are to blame in this situation as well.

Microsoft went on to reiterate that there is no evidence that customer data was accessed and pointed out that the investigation was still ongoing. Apparently, as stated in the blog post, this type of attack is not unusual or surprising to Microsoft. They continually fend of attacks from cyber enemies on a daily basis, however, this time it seems like one slipped past the defenses that Microsoft has in place. They blog post continues by saying that Microsoft is prepared to amp up security and create a larger team of personnel in an effort to keep an attack like this from escalating in the future.

Microsoft ended their blog post with a reassuring invitation to view their Security Intelligence Report. It covers threat levels by region, gives an analysis of threats toward Microsoft and covers the tools used to fend off such attacks. Apparently instances like this have the capacity to happen all the time, however thanks to technology, most companies catch the hackers before they can cause any damage.