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Microsoft Takes Aim at Apple in Cheeky ‘Surface Pro 3’ Ads

Microsoft has been pushing big for its Surface devices since their inception, none more so than their latest edition, the ‘Surface Pro 3’. Starting with the Surface Pro 2 and ramping up with Surface Pro 3, the Windows devices have been increasingly marketed in competition with not just other tablets, but actual laptops.

With no laptop devices similar to something like Apple’s MacBook Air, the Surface Pro 3 is the closest thing Microsoft has to directly compete with lightweight laptops, and they’re taking the plunge. The Surface Pro 2 was met with some acceptance of its competition potential.

Now it looks like the latest edition of the Surface is Microsoft’s hope for a MackBook Air alternative. They’ve even come out with some cheek-in-tongue ads to show just how confident they are.

Below are the three latest ads for the Surface Pro 3. One even features snippetsĀ fromĀ a K-Pop song titled “I Am The Best”. You go, Microsoft.