Microsoft Announces More AI Integrations with CoPilot

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Microsoft today announced the launch of its AI Copilot for Power Apps, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Automate. 

The AI Copilot is designed to help users build line-of-business applications, flows, and bots more easily and quickly by allowing them to describe what they want to build using natural language. 

The new tool uses a similar concept to Microsoft’s Bing Chat, where users describe what they want and refine their ideas in a chat sidebar. In Power Apps, Copilot can generate an application in seconds when provided with a sentence like “formulate a time tracking and associated cost application to enable employees within the organization to submit their time and expense reports”. It can also help users analyze their data and visualize it. 

What Else Does the Tool Offer?

Additionally, the tool offers deeper integration with Power Virtual Agents, allowing developers to add a chatbot to their apps more easily.  

In Power Automate, Copilot can help reduce the time it takes to develop a workflow by 50%. It can also generate text or summarize existing documents with its integration with a GPT model. It is essential to remember that these features are currently in preview and not intended for production use.  

Microsoft Wants to Act Responsibly

Microsoft, the technology giant, has also committed to building Copilot responsibly. It has a team of researchers, engineers, and policy experts to help detect and correct data bias and prevent potential harm. 

They are also refining training data and filtering content to avoid sensitive topics. Copilot will also link to its sources and note limitations where appropriate. The preview is currently being tested with a small batch of 20 customers, including eight Fortune 500 enterprises.

Microsoft will be sharing more information on pricing and licensing in the coming months.

The Future of Work Event

If you are looking to find out more about what was announced at the recent event, you can watch the entire video below.

What Do You Think?

It looks like Microsoft is leaning heavily into AI applications as it regularly makes investments in AI led tools and applications. Have you tinkered around with ChatGPT or other tools that Microsoft has rolled out to gain more productivity? Which AI tools are compelling to you and have made a difference in your work or creative life?

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