Nora fingscheidt, director and screen writer is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Nora Fingscheidt, Writer and Director of System Crasher | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Nora Fingscheidt was born in 1983 in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony, Germany.

She is a director and writer, known for System Crasher (2019), Synkope (2011) and Boulevard’s End (2014).

More About System Crasher

System Crasher is Nora Fingscheidt’s directorial debut, winning several awards including the German Film Awards for Best Direction and Best Screenplay in 2020, and TIFF Awards: Audience Award in 2019.

Nora fingscheidt, writer and director of system crasher is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

System Crasher is a compelling story about a troubled 9-year old, Benni, who essentially is one of many children who are system crashers. They stress the status quo because of behavioral or mental health issues. This film takes a keen view of Benni’s story through an honest lens.

Geek Insider is very proud to have Nora Fingscheidt on our panel with script writers and filmmakers during Geek Out Virtual Con 2020.

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