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McDonalds To Roll Out EV Charging at more U.K Locations

McDonald’s will embrace the EV revolution by rolling out EV charging infrastructure at their U.K locations. The fast-food firm noted on Monday that it would place this charging infrastructure at future U.K locations. McDonald’s will not take it upon themselves to install these stations but will collaborate with InstaVolt, according to Metro.

Rapid charging stations will allow EV owners to charge up to more than 70% under 30 minutes. The idea here is that McDonald’s can be a place for EV adopters to think about as they seek charging locations. They can charge their cars and pick up something to eat while they’re waiting.

EV Charging and Future Forward Branding

The latest EV charging move will allow McDonald’s to portray a future-forward image, not only talking the talk but walking the walk. The Mcdonald’s European Division believes that EV adoption should continue to grow as more European countries provide EV incentives to add EV charging infrastructure to incorporate sustainability.

This latest announcement makes it to where McDonalds is relevant to the future forward consumer by offering necessary services. Improved charging speed will likely occur over time but in the meantime, consumers can charge their vehicles and find refreshments at McDonald’s. It can take about 20 minutes to eat breakfast or lunch at McDonald’s, right?

This latest announcement is an extension of their EV additions. The fast food company already has charging stations at several location. The firm is seeking to expand this offering at more locations. But the company doesn’t only have stations in the U.K, they have it in other European countries as well.

Competition in EV Charging

McDonald’s has a critical advantage of possessing prime property across many different regions in Europe. Its massive scale and distribution give it a unique position to be a crucial provider of electric charging across its new locations. The firm realizes where the demand and shift in  technology and transportation is headed and chooses to allocate a portion of resources to addressing this demand.

Slump in EV Sales in the Near Term

But while charging stations continue to grow across the country, EV sales are not increasing on par with charging stations. A rapid increase in EV stations may be a contributing factor in minimizing range anxiety spurring more sales.

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