Star wars makeup

Makeup Inspiration for Any Fandom

If you are a geek who likes to dress up your face, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the fantastic options out there:

Harry Potter

Harry potter makeup wand brush

The Harry Potter fandom has a wide variety of options when it comes to makeup and makeup accessories. There are eyeshadows named after places and things in the series, brushes that look like wands, and butter beer hand lotion. There are multiple ways to celebrate the series.

Sailor Moon

Sailor moon makeup compact

Of course a girl powered series has a makeup line any fan would want. You can own the compact from the series and actually use it like a princess of the moon. There is also nail polish to match the sailor scouts nails, lipstick shaped like Sailor Moon’s wand, and very elegant perfume. Now is the time to pretend to be a sailor scout, and punish people with a killer look.


Shiro pokemon makeup

As of right now, Shiro cosmetics is the only one making Pokémon themed makeup. There are eye shadows like umber, jolted, and vaporous are all hinting at the eeveelutions. Hopefully there will be even more Pokémon  makeup added since there’s been such an uptick in popularity lately.

Star Wars

Star wars makeup by covergirl

Since the revival of the series, there’s been an increase of everything Star Wars, including makeup. Cover Girl cornered the market and made a lipstick line, nail gloss, and mascara. I am just hoping for some light saber eye liner to be invented soon.

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