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MakerFaire North Carolina

This weekend is North Carolina’s MakerFaire, held at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. MakerFaire is an amazing festival for DIY-everything, connected with the awesome Make magazine. I attended the New York MakerFaire when I lived in Brooklyn, and was really pleased to discover there’s a North Carolina version. I couldn’t resist sharing photos from the day with my Geek friends.

Makerfaire nc

Just inside was the PlastiBot table. PlastiBot is an local company for developing 3D printers, and I was lucky enough to get the last ticket for their 3D printing workshop at Animazement. PlastiBot wasn’t the only amazing 3D printer, by far…

Nautilus gears

These are called nautilus gears, a term I’d never heard before. During the course of the day, though, I saw that  several different kinds.

From now on, I will judge all marketing efforts by comparing them to a LEGO QR code. (The table was for just one of the many LEGO clubs displaying.)

Lego qr

Artist Ruthan Freese was outside, helping visitors create bleach-relief T-shirts.


I made one too!


Artist Cyn MacGregor offered a creativity challenge, asking visitors to create still-life compositions with seven objects, and then creating a gallery of submissions.

Still life

Here is mine, on the Geek Insider Instagram.

Retro DIY and artwork from members of the Society for Creative Anachronisms. There was also a spinning demonstration, and many people in authentic garb.


Robotic chess.


MakerFaire North Carolina was a lot smaller than the New York one, but it’s still such a great time for tech geeks, artists, and DIY enthusiasts of all stripes!