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Magnasonic Key Finder: Misplaced Keys, Phone or Wallet? No Problem

You’ve had your breakfast and coffee and are ready to start yet another workday. You check your pockets to make sure that you have those three most important items before you leave the house. Phone? Check. Wallet? Check. Keys? Uh-oh. Then begins your uneventful quest for the car keys, taking you to the most mysterious parts of your house: under couch pillows, behind dressers, in the bathroom and every door lock to your house. Regardless of how precise your search is, the keys will end up being in the dumbest place imaginable. Instead of searching endlessly for those pesky keys, why not make them do the work?

Wireless Key Finder by Magnasonic

These receivers can attach to your keys, allowing you to find them with the press of a button. The remote can send a signal to any receiver up to 80 feet away, through walls, couch cushions and coat pockets. Also, at 95 decibels, it will be plenty loud enough to hear, even at the maximum distance. The remote can control up to four different units and each one is color and number coded to ensure that you are looking for the right thing.

There are two different types of receivers that can be controlled. The first is the typical, key-ring unit that is no larger than the average car remote. The second is a thin and lightweight receiver that can easily fit into wallets, purses, and eyeglasses cases; really anything you need to keep track of. They also have double-sided adhesive pads attached, so they can stick to the back of your phone, television remote or MP3 player.

With the Magnasonic Wireless Key Finder package, you will receive two complete sets, each including a remote, two key chain-style receivers, two thin-plate receivers, extra batteries and a set of double-sided adhesive pads.