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Love Fast Racing? Try Asphalt 7 Heat on Android

I just love racing games! Well, not that I don’t like other genres much, but racing games always top the list of my favorite games. Today, I will cover an Android based racing game that has just blown my mind. It is actually part of the Asphalt series and the heart-pounding racing sequences amidst the jaw-dropping scenery makes for an incredible gaming experience.

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Basics of Asphalt 7 Heat

First of all, unlike most of the other games I review, Asphalt 7 Heat is not free. However, it costs only a mere $0.99 . The app has already been downloaded more than 1 million times and so far, it has got a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 on its official Google Play Store page.

Asphalt 7 Heat Game Play

If you are a fan of Need for Speed series, you should try out Asphalt 7 Heat, as well. This game is in no way inferior to the Need for Speed games, in fact, it may even be better. When you launch the game, you will get a clue on what sort of cars you can expect to use for racing during the game.

There are 3 different game play modes available. First, the career mode, through which, you can work your way by completing each of the levels. There is Quick Play mode as well for immediate head to head racing. The Mult-iplayer mode can be used for challenging other racers online. Based on my experience, try the last game play option only when you are absolutely confident of your Asphalt 7 Heat skills. Otherwise, you will just be thrashed by more experienced players.

Starting Off With Asphalt 7 Heat

The first car that you get for racing is an Abarth. During initial few attempts, I had a lot of  trouble trying to understand how to control the steering. In its case, you should not hold the tablet flat and tilt it to right and left to steer (I made this mistake and ended up scraping paint off the sides of the car). You need to hold your tablet upright similar to a steering wheel and that’s how you can control it. The car looks like a little hatchback, but as you get some of the Abarth upgrades for both speed and handling, you will probably start liking it.

Races in Asphalt 7 Heat

Whenever you participate in a race, you will get both reputation and cash. The cash can be used for upgrading your cars. Not only that, as you progress through the game, you can unlock bigger and better cars as well, with help of the cash accumulated.

Asphalt 7 heat
Asphalt 7 Heat

The race types vary too. At times, you will be eliminated if you are placed last in the race. On the other hand, you will find knockout competitions as well (Here, you need to knock other cars off the road to earn points). Apart from these two, the straight speed races are, off course, there as well.

There will be goals to fulfill and if you are successful, you can level up and earn rewards. Goals include earning stars in the races, whereas, in some cases, you need to collect the floating bonus icons while racing your way to the finish mark.

Before you start a race, you will see the streets through a quick preview. This preview is actually an example of how far the gaming graphics have progressed these days (You will know what I mean once you see the previews yourself, as these are just amazing).

Nitro in Asphalt 7 Heat

How can a racing game be complete without nitro? Along the road, you will view icons for getting more nitro. If you are able to catch those, you can easily beat your opponents.

Overall, I loved Asphalt 7 Heat. I give it a solid two thumbs up. What do you think? Let is know in the comments below.