Loot crate review september 2014 galactic theme

Loot Crate Review and Unboxing for September 2014: Galactic Theme

The folks at Loot Crate took a hard left away from their recent Heroes/Villains themes and pleasantly surprised us with September’s Galactic theme. Let’s get started with this Loot Crate Review and see what out-of-this-world loot we were treated to this month. (See what I did there?)

September Loot Crate Review: Galactic


 Mini Goodies – Collectible Loot Crate Badge & Pop Rocks Candy

Small goodies

We added our 9th badge to our collection this month with this super fun, Galactic-themed cross over badge. As if that wasn’t enough, we had the pleasure of revisiting our childhood with some watermelon flavored Pop Rocks candy. Eating them at 8 a.m. is not advised. (Ask us how we know…ugh…)

Star Trek Tribble – Exclusive Looter Edition


They’re furry, they’re cute, and they multiply at an alarming rate! Don’t worry though, this cute little Loot Crate exclusive Tribble will happily sit on your desk and will never poison your food supply (that we know of…?).

Firefly Bank Robbery Money

Firefly money

Need to buy passage on a hunk-of-junk ship? You’re gonna need some cash! These beautifully printed Firefly bills from Quantum Mechanix will get the job done. We’re definitely going to try to pass these off at Starbucks later.

Which Re-Action Figure Did We Score?


Never forget the fateful day that terrifying aliens destroyed our planet’s space truckers. We got Ash, however, Ripley, Kane, the Alien, and Dallas were also up for grabs. Which one did you get?

 Star Wars Exclusive Retro Arcade Magnet


Love retro gaming and Star Wars? We do too! What better way to celebrate the marriage of these two loves than with a nostalgic Star Wars Retro Arcade fridge (or computer case!) magnet by Loot Crate Labs and Lucasfilm, LTD?

Han Solo Star Wars Poster


What’s better than waking up to seeing a horrified Han Solo encased in carbonite? NOTHING, that’s what. Shhlap this full-body poster on any wall and let it remind you how much you love the original Star Wars films.

 Firefly Vinyl “Mal” Exclusive Action Figure


How cute is this tiny Malcolm Reynolds action figure from Funko? He definitely has his game face on and is ready to defend Serenity!

Bonus Digital Loot


Lastly, we’ve got some awesome digi-loot by Dark Horse Comics. Did you know that Halo is a comic? It totally is and it rocks. We snagged a free digital copy and it’s pretty amazing. Check it out!

A big THANK YOU to our friends at Loot Crate for sponsoring this unboxing. Don’t forget to check out the official Loot Crate website and sign up to get your own crate full of geeky gamer awesomeness delivered to your door each month! Use promo code : GEEKLOOT at checkout for 10% off your subscription.