Loot crate april 2014 dragon theme

Loot Crate April 2014 Review and Unboxing

Recently, at least in Geek Land, Dragons have been everywhere. Whether you’ve been immersed in Elder Scrolls Online or busy watching the Mother of Dragons take over everything in her path, Dragon’s have likely been a part of your Geeky life, too. So, what better Loot Crate theme for the month of April than Dragon? This month’s crate was packed to the gills with awesome Dragon-themed loot. Read on to find out exactly what Looters discovered in this month’s crate and why the Loot Crate subscription box is worth it!

Loot Crate April 2014 Review: Dragon

Loot crate april 2014 review dragon theme

As you can see, I was in for quite a treat when I began unboxing this April’s Loot Crate. In keeping with the Dragon theme, the crate contained various items pertaining to Dungeons and Dragons, ESO, and of course, Game of Thrones. Let’s dig in and see exactly what incredible Dragon items lay in wait for Looters everywhere!

Loot Crate Mini-Mag Hypes Up The Dragon Unboxing

Loot crate april 2014 review mini mag dragon
Like always, the first thing I am itching to get my hands on is the Loot Crate Mini-Mag. This little book never fails to adequately hype me up about the contents of the crate. This month, the mini-mag featured: a run down of the Dragon theme, a thorough and informative history regarding dragon lore, an awesome interview with Panzer (who you might otherwise know as the pink haired lady from Trade Chat), a little Game of Thrones trivia, a review of ESO, a drool-worthy photo and description of this month’s mega crate, and as always, a comprehensive breakdown of all included loot!

Dragon Collectible Loot Crate Badge and Polyhedral Die

Loot crate april 2014 dragon pin and polyhedral die
The tradition continues with the 4th collectible Loot Crate badge in the series. This one, of course, features a dragon curled protectively around his very own Loot Crate. Also included in the tiny-goodies portion of this crate is a nostalgic polyhedral dice. Whether you are playing Dungeons and Dragons with the best of ’em, or if you just want to roll to see which friend has to pay for coffee, having a D20 on you is always a great idea.

Loot Crate Exclusive: ESO Figure

Loot crate april 2014 exclusive
This little Nord is a Loot Crate exclusive and you will not find him anywhere else. As Dragons return to Tamriel, your future hangs in the balance. This Nord figure will remind you of your strength and your amazing dragon-slaying skills!

Game of Thrones Mystery Mini

Loot crate april 2014 game of thrones jon snow
When I popped open my Game of Thrones Mystery Mini box, the melancholy face of Jon Snow was looking back at me. While I can’t help but wonder if it’s his girl problems or maybe that – *SPOILER ALERT*- back full of arrows, I have to admit that Funko got his expression spot on! Now, if I can resist the urge to shout “You know nothing, Jon Snow” every time I see him…

Dragon Jerky- Yay For Dehydrated Meat!

Loot crate april 2014 review dragon jerky
Typically, I don’t get overly excited about green dehydrated meat, but gosh-darn it…I did today. Another amazing creation fresh out of Loot Crate Labs, Mikey’s Dragon jerky is sure to up your protein level while making you feel like a real, dragon-eating bad ass. Each pouch contains 1/2 oz. of Dragon-y deliciousness.

Dragon Shield Screen Cleaner

Loot crate april 2014 review dragon shield
The quest to keep your phone screen clean can be a real battle (see what I did there?). Loot Crate Labs has a solution and you’ll look like the hero that you are while you are using it! This little Dragon Shield Phone Screen Cleaner sticks neatly to the back of your phone and peels off to clean your screen easily! It is washable and re-stickable for lots of uses.

20 Sided Stress Dice by Loot Crate Labs

Loot crate april 2014 dragon theme stress dice

Being a heroic dragon slayer can get a little stressful. Why not give this 20 sided stress ball a squeeze and relax away all that tension in your sword-wielding hand? Just like the smaller version, this large 20 sided dice stress ball is also completely functional. So, feel free to settle office disputes with it when you aren’t de-stressing!

Dragon Slayer Dog Tag

Loot crate april 2014 dragon slayer dog tag
Nothing quite conveys the message that you’re a dragon slayer like an awesome dog tag that doesn’t beat around the bush. With the help of Baby Spike here (not included), I have demonstrated my dragon slaying abilities by modeling this tag around a clearly dominated dragon…and then slaying him!

That’s it for April’s Dragon Crate! Stay tuned for future crate unboxings around the 20th of each month.

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