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Looking To Buy The HTC One? Check Out These Amazing Deals

HTC Deals Coming Soon!

The all new flagship phone from HTC, the HTC One, hasn’t even hit the shelves yet but there are numerous deals for the the device in place already. Although, the handset will be on sale in U.S starting at the end of the month.

Retailers and Carriers have already started dishing out best deals for the device and have started topping each other in this race to offer the best deal for the phone. The HTC One is a beautiful and a powerful device that offers more incentives to motivate the buyers and all of these deals just make the handset more appealing.

Check out all the deals on HTC’s upcoming flagship phone and choose one that suits your needs.

First off, T-Mobile is offering a free car dock with the purchase of the phone. You can use the car kit to put your shiny new HTC One on the windshield or even the dashboard and use it as a GPS. Although, the carrier clearly states that this offer is only available online and also notes that it will be available as long as the supplies last. So, if you’re looking for a free car kit then act quickly before it goes out of stock.

Another offer is by RadioShack to top T-Mobile’s incentives. This offer is only applicable to customers who purchase the HTC One with Now Network. So, if you buy the HTC One with 2 year contract on Now Network, you’ll get $10 RadioShack coupon and also $50 in Google Play credit, to buy content for your new device.

RadioShack is not the only one offering free Google Play store credit, buying an HTC One from Sprint on a 2 year contract will also grant you a $50 Play store credit as well.

Having $50 in Play store credit will let new owners to buy a decent number of apps, movies, books, music, etc. As a large number of apps are priced as little as $1 customers could easily get up to 50 apps with their free credit and that’s enough to begin with.

Which deal is more exciting for you? Free car dock or $50 Google Play credit? I’d take the car dock, to be honest.