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Litter Robot: No More Cleaning After Your Cats

As a cat owner, you are well aware of the great qualities they have as pets. They are quiet and independent, they clean themselves and they will happily take care of a mice problem. However, you are probably also aware of the stinky downside to owning a cat: litter boxes. While these boxes work well at letting your cat know that your entire house is not a toilet, they have to be cleaned often, or else your cat will stop using it. Not to mention the foul smell that lingers in the air. There are devices that automatically give your cat food and water, so the litter box is really the only thing that separates your cat from being completely independent.

Litter Robot Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This miracle robot will be a dream come true for you cat owners out there. Every time your cat uses this litter box, it cleans out the mess itself. No more getting on your hands and knees and scooping out those nasty clumps while your cat watches you smugly. The box uses a pressure pad that detects the moments your cat enters and leaves. Once the cat finishes its business, the Litter Robot will begin a seven-minute timer, ensuring that the cat won’t be frightened during its trip to the bathroom. Once the timer is finished, the Litter Robot will rotate, straining out the waste and dumping it into a drawer below. The only real work you will have to do is just removing the bag from the drawer, throwing it out and replacing it.

Aside from the convenience of never having to clean a litter box again, the Litter Robot will bring many more advantages. First of all, it cleans the waste out almost immediately, so you will not have to replace the litter as often, which essentially will save you money. The Litter Robot also eliminates a good deal of that nasty litter box odor, as the drawer is designed to prevent mold growth. Finally, along with automatic feeders and water dispensers, you will have more freedom to go on small trips without worrying about your cat’s wellbeing.