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Learn How to Access and Install Advanced Updates in Windows 11

Windows update is essential for securing your computer. For many users, the installation of Windows 11 updates takes place automatically as they continue working with their computers. However, this is not the case for most of the advanced updates.

You must be an active  when initiating Windows 11 updates since Microsoft will classify them as firmware or optional driver updates. Here’s how to install advanced Windows 11 updates on your computer.

#1 Access advanced Windows 11 Updates

Microsoft will notify you about its updates in the optional and advanced section of the Update Settings control panel. You must take the updating process with a lot of caution. Creating a system restore point will be very helpful if things go into a mess.

Are you ready? If yes, click your Windows Start button (from the taskbar) and select the gear icon (Settings) from the list. Scroll down the list to the “Optional updates” label, then select it.

A list of potential optional updates will pop up. However, they will not start installing unless you permit them.

You have to check the items you want to install on your computer. Only click the “Install” button after you are sure that they are the updates you want. The installation process will take between a few seconds to minutes to install.

You may also need to initiate a system restart to finish the installation process. It will be a great idea to restart your computer after the installations are done.

Installing the advanced Windows 11 updates leaves your computer operating more efficiently and with a great performance level. Always check your computer any time you want to enable the performance-enhancing updates that may be hidden in the advanced updates section of the control panel.

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