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Korean University Opens to Gaming Majors

Watch your back, Robert Morris University. Recently, Geek Insider reported that RMU will be offering scholarships for accomplished eGamers and is forming League of Legends team. Well, Korea has one up the playing field with Chung-Ang University now opening up for eGamer applicants in their Department of Arts and Sports Sciences. That’s right, gamers. No longer will we viewed isolated with the jocks as gamers at Chung-Ang will be studying alongside traditional athletes. Like golf, bowling and badminton, CAU will recognized ESports as an individual sport.

Chung-Ang University is a private university based in Seoul with a little under than 40,000 students. It is known to excel in arts, especially that of theatre, film and photography, so it’s no wonder that famous Korean stars like Hyun Bin, Yoon Eun Hye, and even Korean idols like Big Bang’s Seungri and Girls Generations’ Choi Sooyoung and Kwon Yuri have attended the Korean university. While it’s based in Seoul, those seeking to be a gaming major will find themselves a little less than an hour away in the Anseong campus, where its Department of Arts and Sports Sciences is located.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, korean university opens to gaming majors, gaming

Chances of Getting Accepted

With CAU being considered to be in Korea’s Top 10 Universities, it’s going to take more than a few clicks and game all-nighters to be accepted. CAU has a ~15.41% admittance rate (2011) and accepts about 200 exchange students a year, adding onto the 2,000 international student population. You’ll have to take Chung-Ang’s Korean Proficiency Test, though they say it won’t influence your acceptance. Then, your admission will be up to the hands of the Department of Arts and Sports Sciences.

In addition, you will be competing with the gaming population of South Korea, which we know to be much more advanced in culture and the industry, which brings us to…

The Booming Growth of the Gaming Industry

Anyone who’s watched world championships of egames, such as Starcraft and LoL, know that the gaming culture of Korea is so much more advanced to the point that many joke Starcraft as Korea’s national sport. However, gaming being developed into a study and accepted as an official sport in a university is a first for Korea. Considering RMU’s establishment of gaming scholarships, it is obvious that universities are beginning to see the potential and profitability of being a gamer  as a career, so suck it, moms of the world, who thought games were a waste of time!

Not only do gamers gain a legion of fans around the globe, thanks to well attended and highly publicized championships (Thanks, Youtube!), gamers also find themselves with sponsors. Aside from the boom of gaming apps available on our smartphones and tablets, the PC gaming market continues to grow. In fact, it was estimated that the gaming market would raise $22 billion USD this year, only to be increased to being able to exceed $25 billion USD.


Gaming Curriculum

We can’t genuinely expect that gaming majors will lock themselves up in classrooms and play games all day, so what kind of classes would CAU exactly be offering these majors? Taking the billion dollar industry of egames, it’s only appropriate to see gaming majors to take CAU’s Sport Business and perhaps Sports Business Advance English. Though an official curriculum for the new major has not been known, you can find a list of the CAU Department of Arts and Sports Sciences classes (taught in English) here.

We want to know what you think would be interesting classes you’d expect gaming majors to study. “What foods to eat for an all-nighter quest”? “How to not feed the trolls 101”? “Sexism in ESports“? Let your creativity burst in the comments below, and share your ideas!