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Klipsch Will Bring Enhanced True Wireless Earbuds to CES 2020

The audio brand, Klipsch, will soon launch its latest range of True Wireless Earbuds at the tech mega event, CES 2020.

Last year, Klipsch T5 came out at the same event. This year, the sports version of the device will also be released as well as the T5 ANC model. The headphones will have wireless controls as well as excellent noise cancellation, which has been a long-reigning USP for the brand and its products.

Klipsch T10 Technology

Klipsch describes the T10 earbuds pair to have an operating system as well as integrated AI. This aspect means you don’t need any controls to play or switch music. You can use your voice and control the settings for the headphones.

Klipsch didn’t outsource its voice feature to Alexa or Google, it will use its own technology to let you talk to the device.

The Look of Klipsch T10

The company has only released minimal images of the new products, probably saving more details for the big launch in Vegas.

However, judging from what we have, the device has an enhanced fit even though at first glance, they look very hinged. The charger is shaped into a hexagon, looking super techy.

The earbuds have a better fit thanks to this unique design, which fits into the crevices of the ear comfortably. The earbuds are a mix of rose gold and black color patterns, which gives them a very sophisticated feel.

T10 and T5
The one thing to look for after the launch is the audio quality of the product. Endgadget has announced that T10 True wireless is going to be available from September to November for the price of $649. The T5 earbuds will command a price of $299.

The T5 Sports
The sports version of the T5 is also set to launch and will retail for $229. You can expect that the sports version will have slightly different variations, such as a charging case that is both dust and waterproof. The pair will also boast of three different sizes of ear tips, making them accessible to different ear sizes.

The T5 Second Generation
The T5 II is also part of the range, and the updated version is set to have a newly designed ear tip as well as a Bluetooth antenna. These will be priced at $199 and will hit the market between June and August 2020.

This grand update in the Klipsch range is not all that is in store by the company. Apart from the wireless headphones, Klipsch has announced the launch of its over the ear headphones, which will be present at CES 2020.

Remember that we are in the era of voice, get ready for it.

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