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Keep Your Beach Spot Sand-Free With This Multimat by CGear

The weather is finally starting to warm up after one of the coldest, snow-filled winters we’ve had in a while. Spring is slowly making its late debut… hopefully. I may have just jinxed our already unpredictable east coast weather pattern and it will probably snow tomorrow just because I said something. Regardless, summer is right around the corner, and I’m sure that you’re aching for those warm days on the beach more than ever. However, one thing that you’re probably not looking forward to is cleaning off the sand that has latched onto your body after a day of laying on the beach. Despite laying on a towel, somehow the sand still makes its way on top, due to wind or a spastic child running laps around your spot of the beach.

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

This will be a dream come true for all you beach-goers out there. These mats are made with dual-layer mesh technology that strain out any sand, dust or dirt that may fall on top of it. Even better, this technology allows the sand to stay underneath the mat, no matter how much pressure is put on it. It also has peg rings so it won’t blow away on those windy days.

The Multimat is made from high-density knitted polyethylene, so it’s durable enough to support all sorts of beach and camping furniture. It was military tested not only to withstand the weight of a helicopter landing on it, but also to keep the landing zone free of sand. Because the mesh layers allow breathing room, the mat will not kill the grass that it sits on top of. In fact, if left there long enough, the grass will grow through it.

The Multimat is available in a variety of colors and is also reversible. You can choose from the following sizes: Large: 10’x 10’, Medium: 8’ x 8’ and Small: 6’ x 6’. Purchase yours here.