J!NX Holding Siege of Orgrimmar Swag Sale

All the World of Warcraft fans out there are gearing up for the newest patch, “Siege of Orgrimmar.” In celebration for the 5.4 patch that has unleashed the power of Garrosh Hellscream JINX clothing is running a special sale. You can get 5.4% off on all World of Warcraft products that they have for sale.


J!NX is the number one gaming clothing company in the country, so there is plenty available for you to claim the 5.4% on. They’ve got nearly 100 different World of Warcraft items in the t-shirt section alone. With all the hoodies, patches, wrist bands and other accessories you can make so you’re representing either the Horde of Alliance in the right way.

Along with the huge assortment of World of Warcraft merchandise you can get on sale, they’re also giving everyone a chance to win a free World of Warcraft track Jacket. Just get on over to Jinx.com and tell them which side you think is going to topple Hellscream first. The Jackets are heavy track jackets with oversized hoods, MP3/headphone pocket grommet, and extra long sleeves with thumbhole cuffs. They of course come in both Horde and Alliance varieties.

The contest and sale both end on the 16th of September, so make sure to get get everything you want while it’s on sale. The winners of the jackets will be announced at 5pm (PST) on the 17th of September. They are only giving away 5 of these things you better get over there and put you’re entry in. Personally, I would put my money on the Horde taking him down first. Go tell them who you think is going get to him first and win yourself some new swag.

Check out the Siege Sale and Giveaway!