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Civilization V Complete at 66% Off During GMG’s Value Pack Sale


PC gamers already dissatisfied with their Steam Summer Sale purchases won’t have to wait until the eventual Winter sale. This week, there’s a pretty large bundle sale from the UK-based digital retailer Green Man Gaming. They’re running an “Exclusive Game Pack” sale with discounts as high as 80% off bundle packages. The best-selling (and best deal) so far is the Civilization V Pack which gets the buyer Civilization V, all its expansions, and all its DLCs for $27.19 – 66% off… and that price can be reduced even further ($21.76) if you know where to look.

By using  GMG’s September coupon code GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN you’ll get an extra 20% off. The bummer part is that not every bundle/packs on sale can take advantage of the coupon, but most can. New bundle deals are at times available for 24-hours only, but the complete list of deals that are available through Friday, September 13 11AM ET are listed below:

Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price Coupon?
Tomb Raider Pack $117.99 75% $29.47 No
Codemasters Racing Pack $79.96 73% $21.75 No
Best of Square Pack $94.97 80% $19 Yes
XCOM Enemy Unknown, DLCs + 5 Classics $59.99 76% $14.40 Yes
Double Fine Bundle $49.99 73% $13.60 Yes
Hitman Pack $47.96 75% $11.99 No
Deus Ex Pack $44.94 75% $11.23 No
Strike Suit Pack $26.98 60% $10.80 Yes
Spellforce: Complete Collection $49.99 80% $10 Yes
Sanctum Pack $42.99 80% $8.58 Yes
Dragon Age Pack: DA2 + DA:O Ultimate $49.98 84% $8 Yes
Fatshark Pack $30.93 80% $6.19 Yes
Sword of the Stars Pack $14.98 60% $6 Yes
Overlord Complete Pack $19.99 73% $5.44 Yes
Thief Pack $22.97 80% $4.60 Yes
Legacy of Kain Pack $20.97 80% $4.20 Yes
The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack $9.99 60% $4 Yes
Skydrift $14.47 80% $2.89 Yes
Stellar Impact Bundle $11.99 80% $2.40 Yes
Q.U.B.E. pack $14.98 84% $2.40 Yes
Aquanox Pack $7.99 80% $1.60 Yes


Some of our picks from the packs above beyond Civ 5 includes the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Pack (5 classic X-COM games plus Enemy Unknown = sweet), the Legacy of Kain Pack (decent enough PC port), and the Dragon Age Pack (perfect for those that never got around to try BioWare’s AAA RPG title).