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Civilization V Complete at 66% Off During GMG’s Value Pack Sale

by Viet Do


PC gamers already dissatisfied with their Steam Summer Sale purchases won’t have to wait until the eventual Winter sale. This week, there’s a pretty large bundle sale from the UK-based digital retailer Green Man Gaming. They’re running an “Exclusive Game Pack” sale with discounts as high as 80% off bundle packages. The best-selling (and best deal) so far is the Civilization V Pack which gets the buyer Civilization V, all its expansions, and all its DLCs for $27.19 – 66% off… and that price can be reduced even further ($21.76) if you know where to look.

By using  GMG’s September coupon code GMG20-8MUTY-M21VN you’ll get an extra 20% off. The bummer part is that not every bundle/packs on sale can take advantage of the coupon, but most can. New bundle deals are at times available for 24-hours only, but the complete list of deals that are available through Friday, September 13 11AM ET are listed below:

Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price Coupon?
Tomb Raider Pack $117.99 75% $29.47 No
Codemasters Racing Pack $79.96 73% $21.75 No
Best of Square Pack $94.97 80% $19 Yes
XCOM Enemy Unknown, DLCs + 5 Classics $59.99 76% $14.40 Yes
Double Fine Bundle $49.99 73% $13.60 Yes
Hitman Pack $47.96 75% $11.99 No
Deus Ex Pack $44.94 75% $11.23 No
Strike Suit Pack $26.98 60% $10.80 Yes
Spellforce: Complete Collection $49.99 80% $10 Yes
Sanctum Pack $42.99 80% $8.58 Yes
Dragon Age Pack: DA2 + DA:O Ultimate $49.98 84% $8 Yes
Fatshark Pack $30.93 80% $6.19 Yes
Sword of the Stars Pack $14.98 60% $6 Yes
Overlord Complete Pack $19.99 73% $5.44 Yes
Thief Pack $22.97 80% $4.60 Yes
Legacy of Kain Pack $20.97 80% $4.20 Yes
The Duke Nukem Platformer Pack $9.99 60% $4 Yes
Skydrift $14.47 80% $2.89 Yes
Stellar Impact Bundle $11.99 80% $2.40 Yes
Q.U.B.E. pack $14.98 84% $2.40 Yes
Aquanox Pack $7.99 80% $1.60 Yes


Some of our picks from the packs above beyond Civ 5 includes the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Pack (5 classic X-COM games plus Enemy Unknown = sweet), the Legacy of Kain Pack (decent enough PC port), and the Dragon Age Pack (perfect for those that never got around to try BioWare’s AAA RPG title).



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