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Is It Necessary To Teach Young Students to Collaborate with Robot Writers?

A growing trend is that robot writing is getting very common in this era. The reason behind this is that there are many AI (Artificial intelligence) writing tools that can be used easily by everyone, even students, and the best thing is that they are of no charge.

As the generation is changing, you may see a significant shift in the collaboration of humans and machines on everything from writing to number crunching. As there is a usage of machine-formed content, there must be a need to educate more about AI ethics that helps to communicate with everyone.

Can Robots Write Content? 

Yes! Robots can write content!

Now it is easy to create content with the help of AI robot writers, and it can seem like humans have written it instead of a robot like GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). To understand Artificial Intelligence and its value clearly, remember that GPT-3 in September 2020, wrote a complete essay on The Guardian

Here is a comforting excerpt from that robotic writer “I am here to convince you not to worry. Artificial intelligence will not destroy humans. Believe me.”

The robotic author, or the AI took help from natural language processing and generation to create that content. This includes converting human language into commands given by computers. For this specific reason, the machine algorithm gathered much knowledge about text samples, paragraphs, sentences, and everyday used words. Storing these words and processing to form a proper text or content that seems of genuine human origination.

Various Robot Tools Exist But May Not Bring Genuine Connection

One may find many digital tools like paraphrases and rewriters, which can help generate many articles from just a single piece of content, which makes it unique. There are some digital tools like Quillbot and WordAI, which can help rewrite the text to become unique and negate plagiarism. WordAI provides more human-quality content.

Should Students Collaborate with Machines and Robots in This Environment?

A small portion of students know how to work and create content with AI writing tools. This is often considered co-creativity. For the students who write, to learn writing with the machine is considered very important in some academic circles.

AI writers know how to produce unique content, and write it in many other languages. It can come up with text and images, headlines, and cater to different platforms. Indeed, it can come up with different ads on Instagram, various content ideas, and other useful writing.

Students must be able to utilize the machines as similar to digital writers.

Now the question arises: Are AI writing tools beneficial for students? For the new students, it is indeed a blessing to experiment with these free tools available online that help to properly understand the real meaning of co-creation in the future. But at the same time, too much reliance on robots can create lack of practice in critical thinking and other aspects that matter in the present world.

It will be a fine balance for educators, students, and others in this new world of convenience and reliance on robots of all forms.


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