iPhone Screen Protectors, Which Type is Best?

Iphone black lcd clear screenWhen you buy an iPhone you’re spending a lot of money, so usually your first thought is “how am I going to look after this?”. If you’ve spent up to $1000 on an iPhone you probably want to grab a screen protector to make sure your screen doesn’t get scratched when you put your keys in the same pocket as your phone, or when you leave it facedown on the dashboard of your car.

But what type do you get?

You can go for the clear/glossy type or you can opt for the matte/anti-glare type. It seems as though everyone has their own preference but which one do you think is better?

Both types have pros and cons. The clear type makes the screen look as though there is no cover on it and it is very clear but it can be very glary in some lighting. The clear protectors can also be a bit sticky when you slide your finger across the screen. For example, I’ve found that when playing a game with a glossy screen cover, my finger sticks a little bit.

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On the other hand, the matte protectors are not as clear but they are anti-glare. Therefore, if you’re using it in the sun or bright lighted situations, the anti-glare might be the way to go. The matte protector is also a lot smoother when you slide your finger across the screen.Iphone 5 matte protection

Basically, the clear protector is clear but glary and the matte protector is not clear and not glary. The choice is up to you, it depends on the situations in which you use your phone. But let’s be honest, it’s very easy to simply whip a screen protector off and try a different type.

Of course, the other option is to not use a screen protector, if you live life on the edge and trust yourself to keep your keys and phone in separate pockets, the no cover option could be best for you. I personally don’t use a screen cover at the moment because I think if my iPhone 4 screen broke it would be the perfect excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 5.

Which type do you prefer? have you discovered any other types of iPhone screen protector?

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  1. DonnaEvans1 says:

    Screen protectors like the sapphire ones are a must….ZAGG, Stealth Lite, Rhino and 3M screen protectors are awesome. If you can’t get your hands on one, get a GEARMAXX screen protector. They sell on ebay for cheap and are as high quality and durable!

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