Infrascanner 2000 Makes Mini Brain Scans Possible in the Field


New Wand-Style Infrascanner Saves Lives Using Speed and Accuracy

Millions of people around the world seek treatment for head trauma every year. In fact, officials are predicting brain trauma and injury to be one of the worlds leading causes of death by 2020. Because of this prediction, tech developers have been working to establish a solution, or at least an aid, to intracranial hematomas (more commonly referred to as bleeding on the brain ).

Uncontrolled bleeding from the brain can become deadly very fast. The key to stopping deaths that stem from this kind of bleeding is to identify and stop it as early as possible. That’s where the technology comes in.


The Infrascanner Model 2000 may just be the answer to the problem of addressing intracranial bleeding outside of a hospital. It is, essentially, a portable scanner that detects bleeds inside the skull while in the field. Since there is a substantially higher concentration of hemoglobin in a hematoma than there is in regular brain tissue, they tend to absorb infrared light differently. The Infrascanner looks for that difference and alerts the user to any abnormalities.

Although the Infrascanner was found to be slightly inferior to an actual CT scan and shouldn’t be used in place of one, the Infrascanner has made leaps and bounds in the immediate care realm. Some of its uses would likely include: pre-screening in ambulances, checking players in contact sports for trauma before being transported, and even in the event of mass-casualty situations where people might need to be screened quickly, yet effectively.

The Infrascanner Model 2000 has greatly improved on the previous 1000 model. Not only is the housing surrounding the components more rugged, it has become self contained and displays results on its own display screen instead of a separate PDA-style handheld. It is also able to use disposable batteries in lieu of the rechargeable battery pack, making it more effective in emergency situations where electricity may not necessarily be available.

The newest Infrascanner model is available in the U.S. via the Infrascanner website.