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Improve Your Cabinets to Fight Boredom


You can find cabinets in areas such as your bathroom and kitchen. If you plan on doing all the legwork yourself, you would have to first decide on the cabinets’ layout, then assemble and install the cabinets.

Cabinets can make or break an area, which is why you want to make sure that the ones you choose complement your space. You can obtain prefabricated cabinets, semi-custom cabinets, or fully custom cabinets. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, you will indeed have questions regarding layout, materials used, styles, installation, appliances, and proper order installation and aftermarket items.

If you are a handier individual, you can try to refinish, repaint or try to salvage old materials and make them look brand new, but that would require you to have free time and money for trial and error.


Importance of Cabinets

Since cabinets play such a large role in the overall look of an area in your home, you must be as prepared as possible before making changes. The more informed you are before beginning your project, the better prepared you will be, and the smoother things will go.

If you have hired a designer or a cabinet specialist, it would be best to take pictures of the area with multiple views, especially with an overhead view. The images with multiple views will help the specialist envision what you want the final cabinets to look like and how they will fit into your space. If you have roommates or others living in the same house with you, you must all be on the same page because it would be quite frustrating to have cabinets that you love torn out due to a disagreement with a roommate.


Know Your Space

While it is encouraged to look at social media sites and the internet for insight and design ideas, it is essential to know your space and its’ limitations.

For example, if you have a small kitchen with no pantry and one wall of cabinets that you want to raise and add extra space. Try to think of your daily routine and see how shifting things in an area such as a small kitchen can affect your routine.

Adding extra cabinets in a small area might result in more storage space, but you can also potentially lose out on countertop space. Adding cabinets to an existing kitchen can also be difficult and costly to match the color.

Other concerns will be if you want to add a new top to the old cabinets. You could be risking having to spend more money down the road if you try to reuse the top, and it ends up breaking. It is also essential to know your space because there might be standards and requirements for your house changes. If you have standards, you have to follow look for CARB2 certified cabinets as these types of cabinets tend to meet standards. If you are in a position where you need to make a change but can not afford a kitchen remodel, you can try to refurbish or paint your cabinets.

Before you put time and money into refurbishing or painting cabinets, you should first see how much money you would need. It might make more sense to you to save your money and instead have the cabinets entirely replaced as opposed to using a temporary solution.


 Know When To Ask For Help

While it might make more financial sense to try to attempt a cabinet remodel project yourself, it can save you time and money to find a specialist you trust. Many things can go wrong during a remodel, and a specialist would provide you options.

Suppose you want to install custom or stock cabinets over the backsplash. In that case, you might think it does not make a difference to know whether the tiles are ceramic or Formica, but this is, in fact, extremely challenging as there are multiple ways things can go awry.

First, you would have to find the studs; then you would have to drill through the backsplash, then screw the cabinets into the holes in the backsplash into the studs while ensuring that everything is at the same level in the correct spot. This is not only tedious but can require patience.

Another challenging task is building cabinets from scratch. This is because you would have to have special tools that many people do not readily have available. If you are sure you want to install the cabinets yourself, your best option would be to obtain prefabricated wood cabinets, assemble them and install them yourself. You can also purchase premade doors and build the boxes yourself.

If you try to make cabinets from scratch, you need to make sure the doors are the right size with the correct overlay for the right hinge and make sure they look the way you want. You might also be unhappy with the finish because factory finishes tend to look better than a finish that was self-done.

Specialists would also have information such as L shaped kitchens with an island are efficient designs. They would also advise you to make sure you leave at least 36 inches for walkways. Ideally, you would have at least 42 inches for walkways. This would make it so that your island is not too big and makes it difficult for your to open the fridge or make it difficult for you to be in the kitchen when there are multiple people in the kitchen.


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