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I Am Going To Buy An Xbox One, Here’s Why

Yes, you read it right! I’m going to buy the Xbox One regardless of all the crap everybody’s been throwing at Microsoft for introducing some harsh policies. The Xbox One is not at all that bad, most of the comments you find on the internet are from people who weren’t even going to buy the console in the first place, all they want to do is demean the Xbox One.

Gaming news xbox one

Why I Prefer the Xbox One

I’m not going to badmouth any other console, I just want to tell you why I prefer the Xbox One over the others.

I know having to check-in once every 24 hours with Microsoft’s servers is not ideal, but lets be honest; it’s not a deal breaker either. Everybody has access to the internet nowadays (at least the people, who are busy writing BS about “How they don’t like internet spot-checks”, have access to internet). Even in the unlikely scenario of your Internet going down for more than 24 hours, Microsoft has enabled the use of your mobile’s internet to perform the check. (Don’t even have mobile data? tough luck)

With the Xbox One, Microsoft is trying hard to push the concept of downloading digital games. Gone are the days when you had to wait in lines to get your hands on the major AAA titles. With the Xbox One all game releases will be available for download on the day they arrive in stores.


Unlike the Xbox 360, Xbox One lets you install the games natively on the console. Even if you have bought a disc, it will be installed on the console. So, no more scratched and unplayable discs, all your games are safe on your console’s hard drive.

No matter how much the fangirls cry and whine about sharing, Microsoft has revolutionized the way you share your games. You can now gift your games to your friends, although, they must be your Xbox Live friend for at least 30 days, but hey look at the bright side, you can gift your digital games, DIGITAL. No more driving to your friend’s house and lending them your disc when you can just press a couple of buttons and share your game with them.

Even PC gaming doesn’t allow digital sharing. (As far as I know). You can also log into your Xbox Live account from anywhere in the world and access all your games. So, you don’t have to take all your discs with you whenever you are going over to your friend’s house, all you need is an Xbox Live account.

Microsoft has also introduced the Family Sharing feature with the Xbox One where you can add up to 10 people from your friends in a special family list. (They don’t have to be actual family, you can add any friend from your list you want). The 10 Family/friends can access any game from your library and play it, they don’t even have to own the game. Check out the picture below to understand how it works and how it’s one of the best features of Xbox One.

Xbox one

I live in a country where Internet connectivity is not the best and I admit that I’ve seen my internet go down for more than 24 hours, but that doesn’t happen very often, and I’ve got my mobile data to perform the spot-check if it should ever go down.

Xbox One is the Chosen One (for Me!)

I’m buying the Xbox One because in my opinion it’s a future proof console that offers a lot of new features. I admit there are some drawbacks of the console (no one is perfect!) but the pros heavily outweigh the cons, for me at least. $500 is not a big deal when you consider all the features that you get with the console and lets not forget about the new Kinect, it’s far better than the OG Kinect.

Which console are you looking forward to buy? And why?


  1. I’m on the same page…

  2. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

    I just, no…just no Dilly, just no. At least stand up for you right as a consumer mate. Why didn’t you mention the flip side to all these pros you’ve listed? What if you have a family of 12 people? Then what? Why would you buy a console that becomes a gaming brick if god forbid your data and internet both die out? And what about the region locking issue? Will you enjoy receiving your Xbox One later and at a more expensive price than the US version? Are you planning to have fun hunting down the correct region games?
    And why pay $500 for features you won’t be able to use for at least a year? All that cool TV stuff is US ONLY. I have more than one friend, and I’d like to able to share a game MORE THAN ONCE, and you talked about installing games to the Xbox One HDD, which I agree with you, is awesome. What happens when that 500 GB HDD runs out? Most games are 13-50 GB in size these days. I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that the HDD is a propriety MS one, so you can’t pull it out an plug in a new one.
    Will you be happy with a bunch of one or two terabyte external HDDs planted on top of the MASSIVE VCR like Xbox One? It’ll look pretty tacky. Of course, you know what’s best for your own gaming needs, I’m just saying you may have turned a blind eye to some of the very serious cons that the Xbox One has.

    1. Mohseen Lala First of all I don’t have a family of more than 12 people, heck I’m the only gamers in my household so 9 people on my Family sharing plan are going to be gamer friends. 😀
      Region locking is not an issue at all, I mean the current gen games are region locked right? I have a 3DS it’s region locked and I don’t mind it so why would I mind the Xbox One being locked?
      $500, yeah I agree with you on that. I’m not a Kinect fan and even the new Kinect doesn’t justify the extra $100, If I had the option I would choose not to get the Kinect, however, the extra $100 won’t keep me from getting the Xbox One. The features are too awesome to miss, to be honest. I want to try out the new features, I have played used games, traded and stuff, I don’t want to do the same with the PS4, again. I want to shre my digital games with friends and family, play/access my games from anywhere.
      I know the HDD could prove to be an issue but I’m pretty sure MS will give each gamer enough cloud space to store their games or maybe, another HDD. It’s not a deal breaker.
      You sir, will be buying an Xbox One for yourself when you see the cool features in action, believe me. PS4 is awesome and has a lot of features but for me the Xbox One is the perfect console.

      1. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS Mohseen Lala PS3 is not region locked and nor will PS4.
        You can’t play/access your games from anywhere. Did you even read any of the fine print?

        1. MalcolmSwoboda My friend has a PS3 and he’s always telling me about games from Region 1 and Region 2 and stuff like that, so what’s that?

        2. DilawerS MalcolmSwoboda Region 1 are NTSC (North America) games, while Region 2 is PAL (United Kingdom)
          usually this is refered to the DVD market.

        3. MalcolmSwoboda That’s great, although, I don’t see region locking as much of a problem, definitely not a deal breaker. But still not having to worry about Regions and stuff is cool, that’s something great for PS3 owners.

      2. Avatar trollkiller says:

        DilawerS Mohseen Lala not for former 360 users who take their consoles travelling. In being snarky and dismissive of other gamer’s real-world concerns you show the same tone-deaf arrogance as Microsoft.

  3. Avatar wishingW3L says:

    Even after reading this I still don’t understand why you prefer it… Especially when you have a much more superior console like the PS4  at $100 cheaper and hassle free. I mean, what makes the Xbox One be more future proof than the PS4 when both have basically the same specs? If it’s software then that will continue to evolve with time anyway.
    This really makes no sense. PS3 was the first one to provide full digital releases of games but you make it sound like if the Xbox One will be the first. On top of it the PS4 will have stuff like game streaming through Gaikai which the Xbox One doesn’t even has an equivalent. Gaikai can do cloud processing too BTW (this is how they will provide BC with PS3 games) and the PS4 will offer all tittles in digital form too which you will be able to access from any console using your account. You can even do that on the PS3 right now you know….
    Really, there is no argument here. You’ll just be paying more for a console that offers less in exchange for DRM and and some TV features. Seriously, it makes no sense!

    1. wishingW3L lending digital games, sharing games with friends, 10 family members (can be friends or anybody) play a game from your library without any charges, I’m pretty sure even PS4 doesn’t offer all of these features let alone PS3.

      1. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS wishingW3L  
        1. Other systems are and will exist for lending digital games without those restrictions (Steam is one, I believe)
        2. I share games by handing the game to the other person. This isn’t going to change.
        3. 10 family members? How about all of them? Again, here’s my disk, have fun, etc.
        4. Play a game from your library without charges? Like… the bare minimum of what we should expect from games we’ve bought?

        You’re falling for the marketing speak.

        1. MalcolmSwoboda Yes, Steam! Lets say MS is trying to bring Steam like policies into the console market. Give them some time, and it’ll be even better than Steam.
          Everybody shares game by physically giving them to a friend, where’s the fun in that? What about a friend who lives in a  different city? I want to lend him my game
          10 family members is cool for me! I didn’t say it was great for everyone but this feature is great for me. and I’m not even going to add my family members but my gamer friends to play each others titles.
          I didn’t get your last question. But the ability for me and (one of ) my friend to play a the same game without him having to actually own that game is just cool.

        2. Avatar Millsydog says:

          DilawerS MalcolmSwoboda 
          I don’t understand how you can say they will be better than Steam. It may look prettier and what not but when it comes to the big one which is pounds and pence they will be oceans apart.
          Microsoft has no body to keep them in check! They have your balls. Where are you going to go when they are charge £40.00 for a 1 year old game on there digital store because hey! they can if they want.
          Steam has competition GOG and Gamefly etc that keep them honest when it comes to cost.
          I suppose everyone has a right to choose which console they want and everyone has the right to be ripped off if they so wish.

        3. MalcolmSwoboda Well, you can’t just predict the future can you? neither can I. So, all we can do is wait and see how it all plays out. I’m gonna buy my preferred console, and you’ll buy yours. Microsoft has competition too, and tbh, it’s much more fierce than what Steam’s got. They know, a small mistake can send them out of the market. I believe in the company, I’m not forcing anybody else to believe in it.

        4. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

          DilawerS MalcolmSwoboda How can it be ‘better than steam’ without an Offline Mode? 
          That’s silly.

        5. Avatar Millsydog says:

          DilawerS MalcolmSwoboda 
          They will only have competition if people have both consoles or know what they are getting into at the start and can only afford to invest in one system.
          I just don’t like the thought of someone like my old man who will wander in off the street into the shop, he will see the Xbox One and think “plug and play” no restrictions, ability to buy used games and rent etc etc. He will play the games that come in the bundle and then when the day comes to buying new games realize all the bull crap, hassle and price holding because there is no used game market anymore or rentals and hes gotta have Virgin Media, BT Infinity and Sky to make it all worth while. By which time it has run over the period in which you can return the damn thing and hes stuck with a black shiny box that cost him £400 and the only way he will get more entertainment out of it will be to drop his trousers and get shafted!
          We are all gamer’s here and we all like to play good games no matter what system they are on. I just find it disappointing that people are willing to accept a business model where by the customer is given less and expected to pay more than previous generations and are to blind to see it as its all flowered up as being a “feature” because Microsoft says it is. When really its just basically a sh*t Popsicle covered in chocolate.

        6. MalcolmSwoboda There’s an offline mode, it’s a bit complex but it is there!

      2. Avatar HeathHill says:

        DilawerS wishingW3L actualy yes it does ONLY BETTER, y u ask, becuase 2 ppl can play the same game at the same time from one acount, sooo yea its not 10 ppl, but try playing the same game at the same time with say a bro , nup no good on xbox!

    2. Avatar ThEvilHasLanded says:

      wishingW3L Erm the Xbox one has a TwitchTV Partnership, I wont be getting either for a good long while but I agree with the article that the Xbox One is a better device I dont much like the issues with software but if i was going to get either I would still get the Xbox

  4. Avatar Roxas3510 says:

    That feature is the only feature I like about the Xbox One. The always required Kinect and 24 hour check are what bother me. I don’t care for the Kinect and I don’t ever plan on using one. I’ve heard that you can turn it completely off, but what’s the point of having it connected if it’s going to be off 24/7? Also, if something were to happen to the Kinect, I’d have to spend most likely about $150 to get a new one or my Xbox One won’t operate which is just stupid. 
    The 24 hour thing, not that bad while I’m sitting at home, but I visit family frequently (mostly my mother) and she doesn’t have internet. What am I going to do after the first 24 hours I’m there? I don’t have the tethering feature for my iPhone because I don’t pay for the service and unless my father decides he wants to pay for something only I will use, it’s a problem. 
    The Xbox One has some stupid features but it’s not as bad as people make it seem, you’re right, but I’d rather not have to worry about the negative features and just own a PS4. What am I missing out on, the family sharing thing? A great feature, but I don’t think I’ll lose sleep over it. Additionally, I want to play Killzone and InFamous which won’t happen if I get an Xbox One.
    Overall, it mostly depends on which console all of my friends are getting since they both have their ups and downs. So far only 2 of my friends want an Xbox One while me and the other 6-7 I normally play with want a PS4. I’d rather always have a friend(s) to play with than just maybe one or no one (since they all won’t always be on at the same time), means more to me than the family sharing feature.

  5. Avatar jtgamertt says:

    I won’t buy an Xbox One. The features won’t work in my country, my ISP is unreliable. Which means I’ll have to get a 360 according to MS. I also don’t support their policies on used games and always online.

  6. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:


      1. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS MalcolmSwoboda You made me spit out my water, thanks 😛

  7. Well not everyone has internet were i’m from but i’m still buying one 🙂 well they tried to do something like steam but just a bit diffrent.

    1. Osei Yes, exactly! They’re trying to bring something new to the console market, the least we could do is give them a little credit for trying something new and not sticking to the old-gen.

      1. DilawerS Osei New doesn’t always mean better. My opinion is that a vote for Microsoft is a vote against having consumer rights.
        it’s not like steam though:
        1) i can install a new HDD on my pc to store games. can’t with XBoxOne.
        2) Steam has cheap games, i can’t lend them but at $4.99?….. Xboxone has full retail priced digital downloads?
        3) Steam is a program, not a piece of hardware.
        4) Steam doesn’t try to make me watch TV, watch netflicks, or use a bunch of other useless apps that can either be found on smart tv or they are simply useless
        5) Steam doesn’t force a camera and mic on me. XboxOne does

      2. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

        DilawerS Osei Only because Steam is also doing it, doesn’t make it right, most people don’t realize this; but Steam is also VIOLATING CONSUMER RIGHTS. We just let it slide because the games are like $5 each.
        Another thing, Steam doesn’t have a disc system, the Xbone does. Steam works for what it is because of its distribution platform, you can’t apply the same idea to a piece of hardware that sell physical discs. When you buy something for full price, and you don;t have to return it within a certain amount of time, you OWN IT, MS is going to force you to simply contract that physcial object from no on.

        Here’s an example, when you buy a CD or vinyl record, does it get tied to your iTunes account and restrict you from sharing that CD, its songs and force you to go online every 24 hours? No. So, then why should a physical game disc be any different?
        Oh, and Steam has an offline mode, the Xbone does not.

        1. Mohseen Lala
          You don’t have to return anything on the Xbox One. If you buy a game it’s yours, you can keep it forever, even if you delete it and lose your disc, you can download it again for Free.

        2. Mohseen Lala DilawerS Osei some people pratically live online so i don’t see why they’re complaining now and i’m sure that since they won’ t be using discs games are going to alot cheaper 🙂 now you wont have to camp out when a major title is going to be released and know one is going to here that game was just sold out 🙂

      3. DilawerS Osei  yes they removed the tradition way of using a disk but they were getting out dated and scratch to easy also i’m sure sooner alot of people who’s complaining now are going to forget about all of those new features it just a matter of time 🙂 and as usual haters gonna hate

    1. DavidMallet yeah, Don Mattrick may be a dick for saying that! but hey, I can’t just shun a company for one of its employee’s dumb comments. Major Nelson said that Don is one who’s making them look bad and they’re going to shut him up for good. 😀

      1. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS DavidMallet Major Nelson just made them look bad too recently -_-

  8. Avatar trollkiller says:

    So you choose to arrogantly dismiss other peoples concerns and make totally false assumptions (“people who weren’t even going to buy the console in the first place, all they want to do is demean the Xbox One”) instead of address the real issues. You could be a MS representative.
    the FACTS are I have used nothing but a 360 for many years and fully planned to buy the new Xbox–until the 24 hour restriction was announced. Since I travel with my console, this is a huge issue for me.
    Too bad you and MS are stuck in tone-deaf arrogance to hear the real-world concerns of FORMER Xbox fans like me.

    1. @trollkiller You didn’t read it right, I said “MOST” of the comments, and yes most of the comments are from people who weren’t even gonna buy the console. You’re an exception.
      BTW, if you travel a lot, I’m pretty sure you have some sort of device for connecting to the internet, why not use it to get over that 24 hour spot check issue? just sayin.

      1. DilawerS 
        when you set up your XboOne Account, you need to specify which country you are in, when you connect from an IP registered to another country. your XboxOne will be blocked.

        1. @Necron99 It won’t be blocked, it’ll be same as the 360. Some stuff will not work including certain apps, features, etc.

        2. DilawerS
          middle of article
          Question “Xbox One will block activation of games if outside of the IP range of a supported country? What if i travel a lot?”
          XboxSupport2 account replied “You’ll be able to play when you return home. I travel with an Xbox 360 for road gaming.”

      2. Avatar trollkiller says:

        DilawerS Not always possible–MS 360 will not recognize some hotel IP addresses. More importantly,why should I have to bother? They are MY games, and I should be able to play them anywhere/anytime I damn well please.

        1. @trollkiller I dont travel much but so far where ever I have been, my 360 has never caused any problems.

      3. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS “BTW, if you travel a lot, I’m pretty sure you have some sort of device
        for connecting to the internet, why not use it to get over that 24 hour
        spot check issue?”
        They’ve said they won’t be having that. Your console will be a brick if you try to use it anywhere else, until they’ve announced otherwise.

  9. Avatar Millsydog says:

    LMFAO “no waiting in lines for AAA titles” What about when the servers collapse on release because every man and his dog are trying to download it! As proven time and time again? Ya can poke ya Xbone right up ya ring piece!

    1. Millsydog Servers don’t collapse on Xbox Live, you’re mixing it up with some other service. 🙂

      1. Avatar Millsydog says:

        DilawerS Millsydog Your right on this one as there wont be enough people owning an Xbone to fill the servers anyway….

        1. Millsydog DilawerS See, you’re quite intelligent. 🙂

  10. Avatar MichaelTNichols says:

    your a complete idiot. how much did microsuck pay you to wite this article?

    1. MichaelTNichols One (no pun intended) Kajillion dollars! 🙂

  11. Avatar Flappykillmore says:

    The Xbox 360 had so many flaws, join a hacked lobby on say Call of Duty and then the people who are hosting the lobby and all their friends report you. Your Microsoft account gets banned, sure you have the chance to appeal; but the chances are you’re screwed out of luck. Then we’re transferring over to the “Xbox One”, the name is just not even appropriate as it is the third console. That’s besides the point, chances are the reporting systems will work about the same. Though this time when your account is banned you forfeit the license to every game you had owned. So say you purchased $2,000 in games, then you were reported to death by a giant clan. You’ve now been banned and lost the license to $2,000 in games that you rightfully purchased. The system is flawed you’re just ignoring the bad and stating the good. I’m confused on how Microsoft thought they would keep anyone, they were already hated on because the the internet fee, now they’re just being money hungry. This is a multi-billion dollar company you’d think they would try to outdo Sony correct?

  12. You complete moron. Signing in means you never own your console or games there all on rent. What a shit link/page. And no not everyone had the internet your as brain dead as microsoft.

    1. Avatar Flappykillmore says:

      @michael No need to be calling names, if you want to prove a point prove the point. You ruin everything you fight for when you start name calling. He isn’t a moron he is just an idealist, he thinks of the possibilities not the downfalls. That’s the type of person that goes far in life, if you look below I’ve pointed out some flaws in the system. It is clear that the system won’t win a gold medal, but I’d love to see you design and produce a console.

  13. Avatar MalakaiKain says:

    it about everyones privacy being complete taken form them and buying “one” is saying to the world that everyones privacy is easily bought and thats ok! i was going to by the xbox one till i found out that our pricay would be sold to the NSA. thats why I’m going to by a PS4.

    1. Avatar MalakaiKain says:

      and if you really don’t think they would do that. how do you think your conversation would go if you could get one with someone from the NSA to ask them ” excuse me sir do you happen to spy on xbox one owners through there kinect? i think it would go a little some thing like this “um well sorry sir thats a matter of national security , you don’t have the clearance for that information. is there anything els i can help you with?” haha stupid kid i bet he’d totally freak out if i told him that microsoft gave us the back door to do so 😛

        1. Avatar MalakaiKain says:

          DilawerS MalakaiKain 
          not suprised that went over your head. no memes needed.

  14. You can justify it all you want, but the REAL problem here is that pouring money into Microsoft is basically voting with dollars. And you’re publicly voting that you are OK with DRM – whether it’s 24 hr check in or not.
    This is basically like supporting communism – just in the “world” of gaming. I bet you’d bend over and taking it from the behind because someone dangled something shiny in front of your face. I mean, the principal is the same. 
    For the rest of you… If you want to continue living in a democratic world, start demanding democratic action from the fucking companies as well… and the only way they’ll listen is when you vote with dollars.

  15. Avatar Millsydog says:

    One does not simply alienate the military…

  16. Avatar Millsydog says:

    Everyone type “The Xbox One is” on Google search bar and then do the same on Microsofts own Bing service (Quite incredible really, obviously just a coincidence)

  17. Slave

  18. Avatar darkspawn98 says:

    the stupidity in this article amazes me, the fact that you think tying all your games to your account by install making your physical copy useless made me lol.  If you get banned or suspended or hacked there goes all your games
    Not such a great feature after all is it?
    You also made me lol when you think being told what you cant & can do with your games is a good thing

    1. darkspawn98 the stupidity in this comment amazes me! If anything happens to my games, they will always be backed up on the cloud and I can download them again whenever I want. BTW, If I have the physical discs then I can install it again, simple. 
      I’m not gonna get banned (Yeah, I play by the rules) and If it ever gets hacked then I’m pretty sure MS will offer me at least my games back (and plus some extra games as an apology) Sony offered free games to PSN users when it got hacked, right?

      1. Avatar darkspawn98 says:

        DilawerSdarkspawn98 your games are tied to your account & the online service, if the servers goes down (which trust me it will) you lose your games untill there back up, if something happens to your account there goes all your games!  This is all in Microsoft TOU for Xbox One so do some research kid before you comment me again (screenshot of microsoft support too )
        You dont own shit with Xbox One, you license your games & microsoft tells you what you can & cannot do

        1. darkspawn98 It says when your account gets “Banned”, as I already told you I’m not getting banned. I’m on Live for 4-5 eyars now and haven’t had an issue, Why the heck would I get banned now?

        2. Avatar darkspawn98 says:

          DilawerS darkspawn98 banned, hacked, suspended its all the same, your not gonna listen so ill let you drown in your stupidity

      2. Avatar darkspawn98 says:

        DilawerS darkspawn98 you cant simply reinstall your games, they tied to your account genius so once you install, your discs are paperweights(useless)
        Microsoft also has restrictions when it comes to downloads too

      3. Avatar GamzeeMakara says:

        DilawerS darkspawn98  insinuating that microsoft actually gives a damn about their customers. cute.  but sad to say if you get hacked as my friend did with his xbox account they dont refund any of the games that you bought, they expect you to buy new ones, just like when ever anything else gets stolen in real life.  Your delusions that XBox One is the future is laughable if not pitiful.

    2. Avatar MichaelTNichols says:

      darkspawn98 doesn’t even say anything about the kinect. lol

      1. Avatar MichaelTNichols says:

        darkspawn98 lets not forget about the new Kinect, it’s far better than the OG Kinect. my bad there is one sentence. wow. incredible journalism here guys.

      2. Because the author is not a Kinect fan and even the new Kinect doesn’t justify the extra $100, If I had the option I would choose not to get the Kinect, however, the extra $100 won’t keep me from getting the Xbox One and the new voice/motion controls are amazing

    3. darkspawn98read this :d Microsoft reverses Xbox One DRM policy, kills required online check-in and used game complications –

  19. Avatar IrishSpartan says:

    This article only focuses on trying, and failing, at making a case for 24hr checkins and restrictive game sharing while ignoring Microsoft’s attempt to cripple the used games market and the fact that the hardware is inferior to the PS4. PS4 doesn’t have 24 checkins, game sharing is the same as the current generation (non-restrictive), no change to the used games market, and the hardware is superior, all for a cheaper price. The article makes mention of the Xbone’s ability to have all games be digitally available as if its revolutionary or something, but fails to remember that Sony already has been doing that Day 1 Digital Downloads on the PS3 which will continue onto the PS4, Sony is simply offering consumers more choice with less restrictions. Also here is what you need to know about full game mandatory installs, first off installs are good for performance, yes. However, the Xbone has a 500GB HDD and this is problematic for 2 reasons: (1) most gamers will easily fill that up in a short amount of time and (2), the most important problem which ties into the first mentioned problem, HDD do not last forever, with repeated installing and deleting the HDD will fracture or suffer a head crash very easily (PC gamers know of the dreaded click of death). The second problem I mentioned wouldn’t be a problem if Microsoft went SSD but they didn’t, and if they did you probably would be looking at a price tag that’s double what it is now. FYI, I’m still getting the Xbone as well as the PS4 and the crappy Wii U because I want access to exclusives, because I am a true gamer, but I can still point out the deficiencies and bad policies of the Xbox One which is why my primary gaming machine will be the far superior PS4. Also, just so the author of this article knows, no respectable gamer gives two shits about the Kinect which is how I know this article’s author is not a gamer, trying to make the Kinect a desirable reason for the Xbone.

  20. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

    So you spent your time defending the indefensible, and now most of the indefensible is being withdrawn from Microsoft’s plans because… shock of shock… it’s indefensible.

    *golf clap*

    1. I’d still defend it because I liked some features. As I already stated that 24hr check ins were not ideal but not a big problem, so I’m ok with MS axing it. However, with disc based gaming back again there will be no more sharing, lending, etc that’s a bummer.
      “Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold. Also, similar to today, playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.” — Say Hello to disc swapping!

      1. Avatar MalcolmSwoboda says:

        DilawerS I’ve always been absolutely cool with disk swapping on disk-based games.

      2. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

        DilawerS You realize that whole sharing thing was a one shot deal right? And only after a month of waiting? Honestly, seems driving down with a disc in hand is quicker. And yes, I realize how outdated this comment thread is.

    1. Manred1905 Haha! xD
      You know what, I’ll take that as a compliment! :

  21. Avatar DeazelWilliams says:

    There are a few reasons why I won’t be buying an Xbox One. To start with, the operating system information isn’t very clear. From what I’ve gathered, they’re using an emulator to run the games, which is an unknown OS Microsoft created while the main system is based on the Windows 8 kernel. 
    I am a firm believer in EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and appreciate what the FSF (Free Software Foundation) does for us. Now I am more of a fan of the BSD License than the GPL since it makes more sense, not everyone wants to give up the source code, I still like the ability to have a free system. While I do use some proprietary software like Steam, games, and Nvidia drivers, I find that as an acceptable exclusion. 
    The entire concept of the Xbox One is a nightmare to the EFF and FSF, with their harsh policies and I won’t be buying it strictly on principle, above most else.
    All of this, on top of the fact that I found the Xbox 360 lacking. When I use it, the software is so locked down, I feel like I am in a platform prison. 
    Microsoft could’ve been a bit better at advertising too, besides telling anyone without an Internet connection should “…buy an Xbox 360…” Wow, thanks Microsoft. I don’t like you either. Despite having a nearly 24/7 Internet Connection, I don’t appreciate Microsoft doing checks on my Internet. As for the argument that Steam requires you online… You don’t need to be online to play the games you already downloaded, which on the Xbox One, you do.
    As for the “tough luck” comment about not having mobile data, if your Internet goes out, again this brings us back to principles and the fact that the company should not even require such things. It’s a direct infringement on my electronic rights and I’m gonna have to decline that. 

    There are some reasons I will NOT be buying an Xbox One. I did my best not to compare it to other systems. If I were to buy any of the modern consoles, it’d have to be a Playstation 4. It’s much more free, allows me to use it how I’d like, and despite it being a locked down FreeBSD, it still feels much roomier than Microsoft’s XboxOS.

  22. Avatar DeazelWilliams says:

    darkspawn98 DilawerS Hey, Xbox is sounding more and more like Windows. With their all high and mighty “Terms and Conditions” that sound as if the someone who wrote them were wholly self-conceited. Just take a look at the Scope of License in the Windows Agreement: 
    The software is licensed, not sold. This agreement only gives you
    some rights to use the features included in the software edition you
    licensed. Microsoft reserves all other rights. Unless applicable law
    gives you more rights despite this limitation, you may use the
    software only as expressly permitted in this agreement. In doing so,
    you must comply with any technical limitations in the software that
    only allow you to use it in certain ways.” 
    Go to “C:WindowsSystem32license.rtf” if you want to read it. Or follow these instructions:
    Microsoft is a bloated control freak and they want control over your Xbox. They already tried on most computers with the “Secure Boot” feature on UEFI motherboards. I’d choose Linux any day. Just the atmosphere itself is so much better. I don’t want to be told how to use my computer.

  23. Avatar DeazelWilliams says:

    Osei darkspawn98 Only because they weren’t getting the money they wanted.

  24. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

    DeazelWilliams Well, non of that matters anymore. All the DRM has been cancelled and all the policies have been reversed. The only real difference between the PS4 and Xbox One now is just $100 price difference. 
    And about the EFF and FSF thing, Sony isn’t any better.

  25. Avatar DeazelWilliams says:

    Mohseen Lala
    Interesting. I had not heard about the DRM reversing and the only  policy reverse I knew of was the 24 hour checks were once a day.
    And yes, I know Sony isn’t any better when it comes to EFF or FSF but they haven’t made as big of a deal about being opposed to it as Microsoft has. (Don’t forget SecureBoot on UEFI systems) I don’t plan on getting a PS4 either. At least the PS3  had the potential to run alternate operating systems on it. Shame they removed that though. Though they mostly did that as a tax write-off but when that didn’t work, they removed it unfortunately. The PS4 had been sighted using the GRUB bootloader however which means it might still be able to boot other OS which would then, in turn, make it a far freer system than the Xbox One.

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