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HTC One Mini Leaked, Looks Like iPhone 5

The highly anticipated HTC One Mini is finally upon us. The upcoming HTC One Mini a.k.a HTC M4, has been leaked in a clear picture next to its elder brother, the HTC One. Even though the HTC One Mini looks exactly like a smaller HTC One (Duh!) it`s not the only high-end phone it resembles. Amazingly, the HTC One Mini looks quite similar to Apple’s flagship, iPhone 5 as well.

The rumors regarding the HTC One Mini have been going on for the last few weeks. With the announcement of Galaxy S4 Mini, fans were eagerly waiting for HTC to dish out the Mini variant of their flagship device. Now, with the recent surfacing of the leaked photo (Via Engadget) of HTC One Mini, it looks like HTC is ready to take on Samsung with its own miniature offering. Both these phones are scheduled to arrive this summer.

Htc one mini

As you can see in the photo above that the HTC One Mini looks exactly like the HTC One, it sports a smaller 4.3” display while the HTC One comes with a bigger 4.7” display. However, the HTC One Mini will also sport a metal design just like its elder brother. With it’s much smaller display and metallic design the HTC One Mini looks surprisingly similar to the iPhone 5.

Even though the HTC One Mini sports 0.3” bigger display than the iPHone 5, the elongated metal design gives it a similar look. Looks like the HTC One Mini will also resemble the iPhone 5S because according to the rumors, iPhone 5S will arrive with the same design as the iPhone 5.

HTC One Mini or Samsung Galaxy S4?

According to reports, the HTC One Mini will come with a 720p display, a dual-core cpu, a similar Ultrapixel camera as the HTC One and Sense 5 on top of Android 4.2.2. All these features will make it a great device for anyone looking for something smaller yet powerful.

There are still no official words on the device yet; but seeing that the Galaxy S4 Mini will be launching in US, it’s safe to assume that the HTC One Mini will also hit the shelves in the US sooner rather than later.