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How You Can Streamline Employee L&D Using Automation

Hiring the right employee for the job is crucial to building an efficient workforce. Without the right person handling an important role, it can get difficult for a business to ensure good customer service and successful results.

But just hiring a talented candidate is not enough. A business needs to ensure their skills are honed to transform them into a high-performing star employee. Post onboarding, employees must be provided relevant L&D opportunities to acquire new skills.

Providing employees growth opportunities regularly through an L&D program is a challenging task. It requires a thorough understanding of individual employee capabilities, their learning needs as well as identification of the skills gaps.

The traditional training methods are anything but time-saving. They require employees and instructors to be present in the same location at the same time for a training session. Not only is this costly, but also makes it very difficult to manage and track employee learning progress.

This makes it crucial to streamline the L&D process for a more structured output. It is significantly easier to remove all the inconsistencies in the traditional training process by automating the process. It makes the process more manageable and streamlined while saving a lot of time.

Let’s look at how automating processes streamlines employee L&D :

  • Makes training tracking more accurate:

It is important to have a structured way of managing employee learning so a company can calculate training ROI. Automation provides you the power to manage and track employee learning progress to identify what exactly they are learning at a given point. 

Tools like the learning management system have advanced reporting features which make it easy to assess employee performance. For instance, Tovuti has multiple automated reporting features that provide accurate information about an employee’s learning progress.

  • Eliminates dependency:

Automation ensures employees have easy access to training material. This means they can learn at any time as opposed to earlier where they were bound to spend a fixed number of hours in a training session with the training instructor.

Not only does this eliminate their dependency on anyone for learning new skills, but also gives them full control over their learning pace. This means they can spend as much time as they want to learn a concept, or completely skip one if they want to.

  • Easy upgradation of content:

With time, a business’s needs evolve and so must its L&D program. You may want to train your employees for additional skills or want to include some new concepts so that your employees stay competitive.

With automation, you can identify which parts of the training program are no longer relevant to your employees with the training data. Moreover, it makes it highly convenient to upgrade training content and make it more relevant as per the changing trends.

  • Reduced L&D content development time:

The most significant benefit of automating the employee L&D programs is that it saves a huge chunk of time usually spent on creating engaging content. Traditional training methods of L&D content development are prone to human errors and require a huge amount of time to manually develop a training module. Also, the content is very boring.

On the contrary, automated tools like eLearning authoring tools allow you to create stunning digital content that is engaging and makes learning fun. The authoring tool’s library has built-in templates that can be used to develop L&D content within minutes.


Automation makes it easier to control employee learning activities without manually going around and seeing whether or not employees are learning. Hence it makes utmost sense to use automation for streamlining employee L&D.

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