How to properly exchange XMR for BTC

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Bitcoin is the most popular and most expensive cryptocurrency. These digital coins have found quite widespread use, they are accepted as payments, they are considered an excellent way to accumulate capital (for long-term investments) and an investment tool. Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has won the trust of the governments of some countries (for example, in Japan it is a legalized means of payment, in Germany it is a permitted unit of account). BTC is by far the most promising electronic coins, but there are two significant problems, and these are:

  •  very difficult mining;
  • high cost of coins (you need a certain capital to buy them).

However, a simple and affordable way to get “digital gold” still exists, you can save up and exchange for it another cryptocurrency, which is easier to mine or affordable upon purchase. For example, you can exchange Monero for Bitcoin.

Why is Monero great for getting Bitcoins?

Today Monero is one of the most popular electronic systems. It is built on a unique technology, attracts with complete confidentiality and guaranteed security, independence from the laws of different countries and security. Also interesting is the moment of impossibility of tracking it (transactions cannot be tracked, and the balance is reliably hidden). The system has its own money in circulation – this is the Monero cryptocurrency. They also have an important feature, which is simpler and faster mining than Bitcoin.

In general, this system is reliable, you can observe constant work on improvement and protection (for example, on November 30, 2019, the Monero hard fork was carried out, as a result of which the cryptocurrency switched to the new RandomX mining algorithm, while it can be mined on the processor device) and with low power consumption). All this explains why it is much better and easier for beginners to start earning from mining XMR for further purchase in exchange for valuable Bitcoins.

How to exchange Monero (XMR) to Bitcoin (BTC)?

Considering that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is very expensive, it is better not to make spontaneous purchases, but to approach the issue with special preparation and caution. First of all, you need to be guided by the main economic principle: to buy cryptocurrency during the period of its price decrease.

To track the cost of Bitcoin, you can use the charts on online resources, register on a cryptocurrency exchange and track the movement there, or go to the monitoring portal and see the BitCoin cryptocurrency rate there when exchanging Monero cryptocurrency for BTC in specialized exchangers. Here it is also worth paying attention to the fact that in all online exchange offices the rate is different, i.e. it is slightly different, so you can look for the resource with the best deal.

The xmr to btc exchange online can be done on:

  1. cryptocurrency exchanges;
  2. exchangers.

The second option is preferred because of the speed and ease of operation. Most exchange sites do not require registration and verification (like exchanges), and all the client needs to do is fill out a special exchange form and follow the instructions of the exchanger (transfer using the specified XMR details, confirm the operation). The procedure is simple, carried out in a few clicks. The main thing is to carefully fill in the data for the transaction, to double-check everything thoroughly, and, of course, to contact only reliable, verified and secure exchange services.

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