How to Preorder the New Green iPhone 13

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Is green your favorite color? Then you must have developed the desire to check out the new green iPhone 13 that Apple Inc. just introduced.

Apple announced last week that it was dropping two new colors for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro: green and alpine green. If you are colorblind like me, then the two colors will camouflage green.

But here is the good news; both models and colors are available for preorder on Amazon Singapore and Apple. The new products tend to mimic the previous iPhone 13 models as they come with durable front covers, Ceramic shields, advanced 5G experience, the breakthrough A15 Bionic chip, bigger battery life, and advanced camera systems.

Remember preorders for the new green iPhone 13 started on March 11 at 5 a.m. PT. However, Apple started rolling out the devices to all its customers on March 18. The pricing is similar for the new colors.

Here’s how to preorder the new green iPhone 13.

Buy the Green iPhone from Apple

This is the best platform to preorder the new green iPhone 13 if you are on the iPhone Upgrade Program or you just want to buy the gadget directly from Apple. The company will have the new iPhone 13 in all configurations including the unlocked and carrier models. Apple allows you to buy the new green iPhone 13 outright with your preferred payment method. You may also finance the purchase by making 24 months of interest-free payments using your Apple Card.

Go to Best Buy

Best Buy is selling the new iPhone 13 series at an incredible discount. You will get the new green iPhone 13 model on all Best Buy’s carriers with up to $1,000 off. The discount depends on the carrier you have. Check out all offers to see the one that applies to the carrier that you have considered switching to.

Use Amazon Singapore

Amazon Singapore has added the iPhone 13 model among its sweet deals meant for this season. You will enjoy up to S$75 Amazon Singapore Gift Card with a minimum spend on eligible Apple products. However, you must have a minimum purchase amount of S$650 (to receive a S$50 gift card) and S$1,000 (to get a S$75 gift card). The offer expires on March 25 at 23:59 SGT or when fully redeemed (whichever is earlier).

Use T-Mobile for Your Green iPhone

T-Mobile has limited offerings for its iPhone customers. The first offer goes to people who desire to trade-in while the second goes to the clients who want to add a line. You may save up to $800 on the new green iPhone 13 if you choose the T-Mobile platform.

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