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How to Creatively Use Your Instant Pot

There are several techniques to maximize the use of an Instant Pot or other multicookers. Various experts would suggest to use the pressure cooker functionality for less apparent activities, as well as any other built-in capabilities you haven’t tried yet.  Many people tend to use a singular feature here and there but the truth is that instant pots offer quite a bit of variety and use cases.

Here are a couple of ways to use your Instant pot to cook a variety of delicious meals.



Steaming your meals is one way to simplify your life with your instant pot.

Here is one such example of using your instant pot to steam your food and enjoy a nice meal.

In the bottom of the pot, combine 3 cups of water and 1 teaspoon coarse salt for 1 to 3 pounds of veggies. You may either use the steamer attachment that came with the stove or simply drop the veggies into the water. For finer salts, use half a teaspoon.

This steamer is also ideal for thawing small amounts of frozen meat. I generally add approximately 1 cup of water or broth before placing the chicken in the steamer basket. The timing varies on the size of the piece and whether it is boneless or not, but plan for 12 to 20 minutes.



Everyone loves a nice slow cooked meal. Thankfully, your Instant pot can provide fantastic assistance in this activity.

Mature multi cookers, like old-fashioned Crock Pots, may be used as slow cookers. The more difficult the recipe, the more vital it is to understand how to select the proper setting. Slow cookers enable more heat to be released and tend to keep it better. Heating in certain models might fluctuate substantially, resulting in unequal or extended cook times, according to America’s Test Kitchen.

Remember to use your Instant Pot as a slow cooker for different types of foods ranging from pot roast recipes to Parmesan chicken and other amazing food.


Making yogurt

The multi cooker also comes up with a yogurt setting. Just check that out and you could own amazing recipes of your own. Here is a simple way to make yogurt with your instant pot!


Using it as an extra burner

Instant pots will tend to have a saute or sear feature, allowing you to use them as a pot or pan on a standard burner. Remember that the pan’s surface is probably to be less than that of some of your pots or skillets. If something begins to burn, you may receive an alarm and an automated shut-off.


Satisfying your sweet tooth

The Instant Pot is ideal for preparing custards and puddings, as well as cakes with a thick, moist texture, such as sticky toffee pudding or dense snacking cakes.’ Creme brulee, rice pudding, flan, clafoutis, chocolate pots de crème, lemon pudding cake, cheesecake, and bread pudding are additional options. Sweets made in a 7-inch cake pan, as she points out, perform nicely, as do those made in small ramekins.



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