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How Mobile Printing Benefits Remote Workers

Before Covid-19 swept across the globe, businesses were concerned that employees using their own mobile devices to print work-related documents on the go would become a security issue.

However, when a large portion of the workforce was forced to work remotely during global lockdowns, it revealed an even more significant threat to businesses.

Put simply; businesses do not run the way they did a decade or two ago. During the pandemic, companies that were not equipped to provide workflow technology that supported remote working were at a serious disadvantage.

Businesses quickly learned that mobile cloud printers are essential to support a fully or partially-remote workforce. If implemented correctly, mobile printing capabilities can increase employee productivity, improve customer service, and support flexibility – without posing a security threat.

Help Your Organization Thrive

When employees are tethered to their workstations when they need to print documents, they have to adjust their workflow to accommodate infrastructural limitations, resulting in wasted time.

Because 60% of employees utilize apps for work-related tasks, processing a document and printing it often means they will have to adjust from a mobile-oriented workflow to a desktop-orientated one.

If a business doesn’t allow for this shift with mobile access to company systems, the employee’s production grinds to a halt.

Employees in organizations that allow desktop and mobile workflows compatibility via secure Wi-Fi connections and network-enabled printers experience a simplified process that allows them to print a document from anywhere. With mobile printing, employee workflows are more efficient.

Support Your Customer Service Strategy

Any department or business that primarily deals with customer service can benefit significantly from mobile printing technology.

Employees who work as service representatives need to interface with other individuals who are not part of the organization – i.e., customers. Interfacing with customers effectively ties these employees to their desktop workspaces, which can decrease their productivity.

Generally, customers set the pace for employees dealing with customer service. If a service representative needs to end a meeting or terminate a call to print documents from their desktop workstation, the entire process is disrupted.

Providing customer service representatives with mobile printing capability allows them to deal with customer queries and print documents without being tied to their desktop workflow.

Reduce Your Costs

When organizations implement mobile printing solutions, they reduce the necessity and cost of on-site printers. However, it’s not just the cost of the hardware that is reduced; it is also the cost of department-specific printing infrastructure.

When mobile printing is implemented alongside managed print service solutions, organizations can consolidate their printing resources and reduce their printing costs significantly – decreasing the cost of toner, ink, and paper.

Increase Your Team’s Flexibility

Mobile printing increases the flexibility of an organization’s entire workforce. If employees have a secure channel to print documents when needed, they are more prepared to respond appropriately to unforeseen circumstances.

Traveling and remote employees will not need to print customer documents in case they are required during a meeting. Employees in the accounting department will be able to print invoices where and when they need them instead of wasting time on print contingencies.

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