How mobile applications are fueling digital transformation

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A never-ending pursuit of technological progress characterizes modern times. People have quick access to all sorts of activities, regardless of time and place. This is all thanks to smartphones and tablets, which now have become small, portable computers. Of course, there are a few things that we will do exclusively with a PC. The large screen of your PC has undoubted advantages, but after all, you won’t take it with you in your pocket. 

Mobile technologies are part of the fourth industrial revolution and digital transformation. Their development is, of course, related to the mobility of society. We want to be able to work or manage things from different locations, on the move, using a high-speed wireless Internet connection in this digital age.

In the 4th quarter of 2021 (according to 91,1% of Internet users connected with the Internet via smartphone while nearly 62 percent of global internet users reported going online with their laptop or desktop device. Nowadays, if you want to run a successful business and keep up with the digital transformation, you need to think about investing in mobile app development. 

Why is digital transformation important?

To keep it simple – digital transformation is a process that improves users’ experience and satisfaction with the usage of computer-based technology. Its influence fundamentally differs depending on where it occurs – it will have a different impact on businesses and another on academic institutions, for example. Just look back 10 years and compare how we used mobile phones then and what we can do with them now.

Digital transformation is a process that is constantly accelerating and changing to meet user needs and even get a few steps ahead of them. Would it be even possible to work today without technology? 

Benefits of digital transformation

All companies that have followed the digital transformation and created a digital transformation strategy have taken a big step forward ahead of the competition and there is no doubt about that. Over 65 percent of small businesses and almost all big brand companies have already developed a mobile application.

Digital transformation not only strengthens companies and is responsible for their future success. Above all, it means revenue growth and profits. But these are not the only benefits, take a look at the following ones:

  • Lower production costs and lower labor costs, thanks to automatization;
  • Better processing of data and, consequently, a better approach to stakeholders, customers’ expectations and employee experience,
  • Agility and ability to make changes quickly;
  • Failure prediction and risk mitigation.

And what about the impact of digital transformation on mobile technologies?

Reach your target group in a new (mobile) way

With the help of new technologies, and to be more precise, mobile apps, reaching the target audience is the most effective. You do not need to invest in promoting your product through mass media, radio or television. Digital channels such as Social Media will do it for you – be it influencers promoting your application, promoted listings in app stores, and dedicated profiles or groups on Facebook or Linkedin. The possibilities and tools are plentiful. 

You also need to remember one important thing, mobile apps are absolutely not for everyone, no matter the digital transformation efforts. It is, of course, a large audience, but people differ not only in their needs but also in their experiences.

If you have a clearly defined audience, the better you will know what channels to use to reach them – and that will help you create a marketing strategy

Use the business data

In the modern world, with digital technologies such popular, everything revolves around data. This makes the process of reaching and communicating with the application user fast and effective. Thanks to the fact that you collect information about the users’ behavior, what they like, what age group they are in, where they come from, what they are interested in, and what they hate – you will know perfectly what is the best way to reach them and what they are missing. How else will you get such information and create strong customer relationships?

Make a product that meets or even exceeds expectations. We’ve written about this before, digital transformation is about being a few steps ahead and remaining competitive.

Become more efficient

Stop wasting time on business processes that can be easily improved. With innovative solutions (such as artificial intelligence or machine learning), many complex processes in your company, seemingly difficult to automate, can be simplified. Work smarter, not harder. Technological innovations such as mobile apps will also help you communicate more efficiently, whether with a customer or an employee.

Want to know more about the advantages of mobile app development? Click here and find out.

Boost your ROI 

Times are changing and so is everything around us, society, the way we communicate, do transactions, the way we work. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we have moved many things to virtual reality, for obvious reasons, to reduce contacts. Mobile applications have helped us do this. We can accomplish even more now with a few taps on the mobile device. All thanks to the constant digital transformation.

If you see a niche in the mobile app market or have an idea to create something that will adapt quickly to users’ present needs, find an experienced partner to help you create an MVP. We have helped many of our clients get on board with the new tech and mobile app trend and fuel their business goals.

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