How Has Invisalign Technology Revolutionized Dental Care?

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Dental care has come a long way, with tech playing a major role in the grand scheme of things. This is the reason why Invisalign has become so popular and continues to grow in the oral health industry, pioneering new treatments. It has revolutionized dental care in a number of ways, and a few are outlined below.

It Has Made it Possible to Visualize the Final Outcome

With Invisalign, it’s possible to come up with visual renders of each patient so they can see the way they’ll look after treatment is done. Thanks to being a facially-driven treatment, professionals can create the perfect treatment plan for each patient, working with them to get the best outcome. This is made possible by the tech that Invisalign uses to combine facial photos, intraoral scans, and more, and this is one of the reasons why Invisalign has a patient satisfaction rate of over 96%. Treatment planning in this case is both fast and effective, leading to plans that are minimally invasive and yet quite effective.

It Doesn’t Come with a List of Restrictions

Invisalign has also made it possible for patients to enjoy not having restrictions such as what they can eat during treatment. That’s because the aligners are fully removable, and you can simply pop them out whenever you need to and then put them back in when you’re done. As long as you wear them for the recommended length of time, you can go about your life without having to make many changes and adjustments. One of the rules you’ll need to follow is to wear the retainer when the time comes for this so that you can keep the alignment in place. The length of time for which you’ll need to do this varies, and you may have to wear it anywhere from 12 to 23 hours a day, according to Web MD.

It Can Correct a Host of Oral Issues

Invisalign can correct a number of oral issues, including misalignment. It will do this without impacting your self-confidence since the aligners are invisible and don’t stand out as much as traditional braces do. Remember that you should visit a doctor at least once a year, and your dentist twice a year. By keeping up with your regular visits to these health professionals, anything that could go wrong will be discovered fast enough to remedy it. With Invisalign on, you’ll have to visit your dentist more often, and this will help you get the best outcome from your treatment.

It’s Comfortable

Finally, Invisalign is quite comfortable to wear, as its users know well. This is because they don’t have sharp edges or movable parts that can pinch and scratch, you only have to deal with the initial discomfort of first putting them in. A series of aligners is worn at each step of the treatment, and this means that only certain teeth will be moved each time. The entire treatment course may take up to 12 months to complete, depending on how complex your specific case is. Throughout this time, you can let your dentist know if you face any issues so that they make any necessary adjustments that will give you more comfort.

These are a few of the ways in which Invisalign has revolutionized dental care, so you can be assured of getting the smile that you’ve always wanted a lot more easily if you choose Invisalign. You should set up an appointment with your dentist and ask them any questions that you may have about the treatment before you make a commitment. When you know exactly what you’re getting involved with, it will be a lot easier for you to adjust accordingly and enjoy the whole process.

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