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How Does a Self-Driving Stroller Work? The Lowdown on the Latest Parenting Accessory

Unveiled at the CES 2023 in Las Vegas, a self-driving stroller with artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the tech and parenting circuits by storm. Dubbed as “Ella,” the stroller earned its manufacturing company Glüxkind Technologies a CES 2023 Innovation Award. 

At first glance, Ella seems like a regular stroller with a more futuristic design than its conventional counterparts. But when you take a closer look, it is easy to determine that the modern shape and style of the stroller is not all for show. It has a design that is present for functionality.

Built along the same approach as self-driving cars, Ella uses AI to determine if it should drive by itself, push the brakes, or aid parents with its motion for an effortless push. Learning how does a self-driving stroller work is not difficult either: Ella uses sensors to deduce its surroundings and determines the most suitable function on its own. It also only self drives when there is no baby on board.

For instance, if you are driving Ella down the slope with your toddler in it, the last thing you may want is to lose control of the stroller and for it to roll down the road. When Ella determines that it is being driven in such a setting and is suddenly left unattended, it hits the brakes to halt its motion.

In a similar fashion, when Ella is being steered up a hill, it accelerates its speed to help you push with less effort. This function also kicks in if you are driving off-terrain but do not want to overexert yourself while taking care of your baby. 

But that’s not all, since Ella can also drive itself when you have your baby in your arms. This saves you from stressing yourself out during your walks with your little bundle of joy. 

After learning how does a self-driving stroller work and may help you across various situations, you can determine how Ella sets you free from worries. No matter if you are accidentally leaving the stroller unattended on a slope, pushing it up the hill with great difficulty, or steering it empty while holding your baby in your arms, Ella has got your back. 

Ella is priced at a whopping $3,300, with each pre-order going for a $200 deposit that remains refundable. The company also announced that it plans to start shipping the stroller in April 2023. 

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