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How Does a Bitcoin Ad Network Work?

Cryptocurrency marketing became even more of a sensitive matter as FTX, one of the most active advertisers in the crypto space, crashed from the highest heights of success and apparent regulatory compliance.  

In times like this, understanding how a Bitcoin Ad Network works can give a crypto project the edge it needs to stay afloat during the bear market. The basic idea of an Ad Network is that it acts as a bridge between advertisers and publishers. But Bitcoin Ad Networks are taking a step further, focusing on only one field and helping clients to target their audience at the next level. 

The benefits of using a specialized Ad Network are multiple, including increased customer reach, building customer awareness, promoting the products, communicating information, custom ads based on your needs, and in the end, increased sales and demand.

What is an Ad Network?

An Ad Network is an advertising technology platform dedicated exclusively to online promotion, helping publishers and advertisers to match the ideal audience. The network has a complex system connecting online publishers’ ad inventory with advertisers looking for ad spots. 

Also, it can help to find the perfect solutions for any kind of inventory, depending on the advertiser’s budget and needs. 

It is essential to differentiate between Ad Networks and Ad Servers, as the purposes are distinct. Ad Networks are advertising platforms used to intermediate “transactions” between publishers and advertisers, while Ad Servers are used to manage advertising campaigns. 

As for Ad Networks, they create a database of multiple websites and apps, helping the advertisers to target a specific audience. Then, when the advertiser makes a campaign, they can use the ad network’s campaign panel, where he fills in the details regarding budget, target audience, and other essential information. The publisher will provide and display on their website different formats of banners and ads (for example, native ads, banner ads, and more), depending on the needs.  

Once the ad is live, the advertiser can follow and manage its success through the campaign interface of the Ad Network. Yet, checking if you benefit from tracking and optimization tools is essential to ensure that your ads run without problems from beginning to end.

From the publishers’ point of view, ad networks are a viable monetization option as they maximize a website’s revenue with as little effort as possible.

How is a Bitcoin Ad Network different?

Advertisers can reach millions of potential investors by choosing a good crypto niche Ad Network. Generally, the best networks offer tracking and optimization tools, for example, self-serve campaigns, campaign optimization, adjustable budgets, and effective ad placements.  

A Bitcoin Ad Network is different because it focuses on promoting crypto projects to an audience interested in crypto. 

By not being generalist and focusing on one domain, advertisers can set their audience better, that being a significant advantage. The top Bitcoin Ad Networks offer a wide range of options and the ability to customize your advertising plan, and an example of this kind is Coinzilla.  

Using a Bitcoin Ad Network can also bring substantial economic advantages because you cannot waste your money on poorly placed ads. You can work with top websites based on your targeted public and place ads in the website’s most-visible areas.

What projects can access Bitcoin Ad Networks?

Any project can access Bitcoin Ad Networks, but platforms with a network of quality sites will carefully select advertisers and publishers. However, some networks welcome almost any customer without asking too many questions. The downside is that they have a huge list of very low-quality sites in their portfolio. 

This kind of network, with a large list of low-quality sites, also follows the idea of transparency. Because the basis is the wish to diminish the incentive for fake clicks, they utilize a “pay for the chance to be shown and reward for sales” principle. You can also recognize this kind of network because they use Bitcoin for its accounting and don’t require user registration.

What are the usual payment methods?

Usually, Ad Networks select the payment methods they prefer. There are minor differences between each Ad Network, so it is best to find out about payment details in advance. Some of the most used payment options are bank transfer or crypto payment.  

If you keep your funds in several cryptos and need to know precisely how and how much to allocate to advertising, you can use specialized conversion tools to help you, such as MarketCapOf or CCprice. These tools can simplify deciding between cryptocurrencies and help you determine which are better to spend and which are better to hodl.

Key takeaways

  • An ad network is an advertising technology platform that provides advertisers with an easy-to-use interface for placing banners on various publishers’ websites.
  • If you have a crypto project, a dedicated Bitcoin Ad Network will help you narrow down your audience better, as it usually focuses only on the cryptocurrency market.  
  • Virtually any project can advertise on a Bitcoin Ad Network. However, the networks with better quality websites will check the advertiser thoroughly to deny access to scammers.
  • Most Cryptocurrency Ad Networks accept bank deposits as well as crypto as payment methods.

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