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The Most Anticipated eSports Tournaments in 2022

Esports betting is one of the most exciting ways to wager in the sports betting arena. After all, there is always a tournament around the corner, and you can place wagers daily! And there are always promising newbie teams you can back to the peak of their careers. Besides this availability and exciting dynamics, there are tons of betting sites esports where you can have your cake and eat it. They offer you competitive odds, an array of betting markets, and convenient payment methods.

So, you only need to focus on tournaments where you can wager on the strong teams. Here are the events that will have punters talking in 2023:

  • Esports Events in 2023

Preparing for esports events allows you to single out the strong teams and players. It also allows you to view the statistics and determine which teams have the odds in their favor. So, which events can you gear up for in 2023?

  • Le Mans Virtual Series

This event features five rounds during which the teams battle for a $250,000 prize! As you can imagine, the races attract a lot of attention from the best teams, their fans, and punters. Round 5 of the competition will include a 24-hour finale and will take place on January 14, 2023. And you can be part of the action by streaming the competition live via social media. You can follow the 2022 rounds, too, to see which teams have the upper hand at clinching the coveted championship.

  • The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

How would you like to be part of an event that will stretch for months? Moreover, it will include the top game titles such as Hearthstone, Dota 2, League of Legends, and FIFA. This unique event will bring some of the best teams together, battling it out for the 24 gold, silver, and bronze medals.

  • Where? Hangzhou, China
  • When? September 23, 2022 – October 8, 2023

Besides the main esports, there will be demo games at the event. So, you can get in on the newest games and master them before you start wagering on them.

  • Apex Legends Global Series Year 3

A prize pool of $5,000,000 not only attracts some of the best teams but also pushes other teams to put their best foot forward. And that is what you can expect from this event which will feature three splits. The first split will have already taken place from November. The second and third splits will occur in 2023, after which the qualifying teams will inch closer to the final prize.

  • Where? In-person and online
  • When? January 2023 (split 2) and June 2023 (split 3).

The stakes are high in this event. And so will the payouts be for those who place accurate predictions.

  • Valorant Champions Tour 2023

Have you ever wanted to participate in active gaming but felt that your skills were not up to par? Now you can! The VCT tour in 2023 will enable casual players to compete in its games regardless of their skill levels. Furthermore, the tour will feature tournaments, challenger events, and more plays to gear up for the finale. 

  • Where? The tour will be in the following cities: Berlin, Seoul, and Los Angeles
  • When? January 2023 till September 2023. However, these dates are subject to change.

This event will be a fantastic opportunity for professional teams, casual players, fans, and punters.

  • Esports Universe Summit 2023

The world of esports has snowballed over the years. And what better way to grasp all the changes than attending an esports summit? The event will feature investors, content creators, game developers, professional teams, and brands. And being part of it can give you an idea of the industry’s direction in the coming decade. 

  • Where? Hong Kong
  • When? 2023 (the dates are not yet established)

Attending this event might open up opportunities you may not have considered.

2023 is set to be an excellent year for esports. And with these events lined up, you will have access to numerous resources and chances to better your standing in the industry.

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