How Do you Unhide a Post on Facebook?

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If you’re using your PC, you’re three steps away from revealing a hidden post. 

Locate “Activity Log” on FB

  1. Open your Facebook account
  2. Spot the drop-down option at the top-right corner as shown below.

Pastedgraphic. Png

  1. Click on the option for a drop-down menu shown below.

Pastedgraphic_1. Png

  1. Click “Setting and Privacy” to see the Activity Log.

Pastedgraphic_2. Png

Scan The Hidden Posts

Once you open your “Activity Log,” you’ll see all your activities appear on your right. Here you’ll find all your shares, likes, comments, etc. 

  1. Scan through the list and find “Hidden from Timeline” to see all your hidden posts. 

Pastedgraphic_3. Png

Note that the hidden content comes in a reverse chronological manner. Nevertheless, you can click on the year and month of your hidden post to find it quickly. 

Unhide Post

Once you find the hidden post, click on the circle with a diagonal line in it, as shown below, and select “Allow.”

Pastedgraphic_4. Png

Now your Facebook friends can see, like, or comment on the previously hidden post. 

Unhide Facebook Post on Phone

  1. Open Facebook and tap the three horizontal lines at the top. 
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Open “Facebook Information.”
  4. Tap “Activity Log.”

Pastedgraphic_5. Png

  1. Tap “Filters.”
  2. Select “Categories.”
  3. Open “Logged Actions and Other Activity.”
  4. Tap “Hidden from Timeline.”