How Do I Earn BAT by using Brave?

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How do I earn BAT by using Brave?

This is one of the common questions in the mind of many people. Of course, this is even more common among cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well.

The Brave Browser came onto the scene in a more prominent way at the height of the cryptocurrency movement in 2017. What I mean by this is that it came about when cryptocurrency reached more mainstream ears.

Now, the Brave browser has come quite far over the course of three to four years, and we are expecting it to continue to grow over time. 

People are drawn to the browser because they earn cryptocurrency by merely browsing and participating in its ecosystem. They also have other benefits such as minimal ads, access to TOR, and other features that make it intriguing.

But how do you earn BAT on the browser?

Earning BAT by using Brave is not rocket science. You merely have to understand the basics and get started. So, before we dive into the answer – how do I earn BAT by using Brave, let us have a look at what is BAT and Brave?

Brave: an Overview

As many of us know, Brave is a free and open-source browser that blocks all trackers and ads, website tracking, phishing, malware, and unwanted content. Built on Chromium, this open-source browser is attractive for several different reasons.

Primarily, it provides an ad-free browsing experience to its online users. Currently, the monthly active users as per Jan 2021 are 25.4 million, and daily active users are 8.6 million. 

Compatible with Windows, Linus platforms, iOS, and Android for free, Brave offers a reward system that provides incentives for content creators and readers with the BAT (Basic Attention Token.)

Understanding BAT

BAT is essentially an Ethereum based token created by Brave to give rewards to its content creators and users. 

It pays users, creators, and publishers for their content. The users are paid for their attention while offering advertisers a more pleasant experience when it comes to advertisements. 


How do I Earn BAT using Brave

The following are the ways by which you can earn a BAT token using Brave. 

  • By Watching Ads

According to Brave, when a user views Brave ads, he/she receives around 70% of the ad revenue. Although this does not mean you will become rich by watching ads, remember that something is better than nothing. 

Further, you can gain more of a pleasant experience by seeing ads that are relevant to you.

  • As Content Creator

Whether you are a YouTuber, content writer, podcaster, or streamer, you can join the Brave rewards programs for creators to begin your monetization journey. 

Brave rewards allow users to send BAT tips to any content creators or sites directly. 

Just a single click on the web browser, and your readers, subscribers, and followers can contribute one-time donations automatically or can also set monthly reminders for anonymous support on your channel or website. This way, you will not only get paid directly but do not even have to rely on ads. 

  • Refer and Earn

The Refer and earn program is always exciting, and thus Brave also offers it to its users. The open-source browser has set different rewards for different countries. For instance

  • In USA- $7.50 worth of BAT for referrals
  • In Australia, Germany, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France, and Canada, users can earn $6.50 worth of BAT for referrals
  • In Austria, Finland, Norway, Hongkong, Singapore, Sweden, Spain, Malta, Belgium, Finland, Israel, Luxembourg, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Italy, users can earn $5.00 worth of BAT for referrals
  • In other countries, $1-2 of BAT for referrals

How to Withdraw the BAT Token

Brave has an in-built wallet that manages the earnings. To withdraw your BAT tokens, you need to sign for Uphold, which exchanges BAT for bitcoins or any other crypto or even changes it to local FIAT including EUR, USD, etc to deposit directly in your bank account. 


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