How Do Automatic Doors Work?

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Nowadays, we encounter automatic doors everywhere. For example, in buildings, malls, restaurants, outlets, etc. They are an easier way to welcome people and minimize the labor done by opening and closing the door again and again. However, one astonishing thing is how do these doors know when to open. 

We spoke to a representative from Avisiouk, who knows about smart home control and they said, “Automatic doors use motion detection sensors that are put on the sides of the door to do the  opening or closing of the doors. Sensors are the key part of the automatic doors, they sense when someone is approaching and automatically open and also close when the person has passed.”


When to open?

Automatic doors open and close by a sensory mechanism. They have sensors installed that signal the doors to open. There are multiple types of sensors fitted in the doors. However, the three most common types of sensors that regulate the opening and closing of doors are: 

  • Pressure sensors. 

Pressure sensors are installed underneath the ground or under the mat. They work by detecting a change in weight and pressure. For example, the pressure sensor works by detecting the difference in weight or pressure when a person approaches and steps on the ground. Hence, the signal is sent to the door to open. 

  • Motion detector optical sensors. 

Motion detector optical sensors are the most common types of sensors used nowadays. These sensors either use the microwave pulse of the passive infrared sensors to detect movement and open the door. 

Sensors with microwave pulses are more expensive than passive infrared sensors as they cover a large area. In addition, microwave pulses send signals which measure the reflections of the object. However, the passive infrared sensors detect temperature changes through body heat generated and signals to open the door. 

  • Video intercom system. 

These sensors work through an exogenous signal: a phone, a key card, a fob, etc. Signals from these allow the door to open automatically. Video intercom systems are also used in buildings and houses through family recognition. This means that authorized persons are permitted to enter the place immediately. 

After detection of the signal by the sensor, the sensor then sends the signal to the door opening mechanism. The door opening mechanism implies the use of an electric motor that opens the doors automatically.

Conclusively, the whole process of opening a door is based on a simple sensor that operates through different mechanisms. There are various benefits of automatic doors. One of the benefits includes energy saving by preserving conditioned air. The air is unable to escape. Hence, the cooling and heating effect of the building is not lost. Moreover, the touchless entry also prevents the spread of germs. 

It is a simple process but it comes together with a whole range of technologies that have combined together to create massive value in a simple way.


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