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Google to Pay Up To $23 Million to Users in Legal Settlement: Here’s How to Claim Google Class Action Money

As the world’s top search engine with over 85 percent of market share, Google is known, used, and recommended by everyone and their mother. If you fall under this large group and used the search engine a few years ago, you might be entitled to a legal settlement payout from the tech behemoth. 

To help you learn more details about how to claim Google legal settlement money, here is a quick guide to the process.

What is the Google Legal Settlement 2023?

The legal settlement comes from a 2013 class action lawsuit that claimed Google breached privacy laws by disclosing its users’ data to third-parties. The data involved information about search queries and search histories. 

After a lengthy decade of legal battles, Google reached a settlement with the plaintiffs in August 2022. According to the $23 million settlement, those who used the search engine between October 2006 – September 2013 could be entitled to a claim. But before you get too excited, it is important to remember that the claim is small enough to not even cover your Netflix subscription for a single month.

How to Claim Google Legal Settlement?

In order to make it easy for affected users to claim their settlement, a dedicated website is now live and publicly accessible. After visiting the website, you can fill out and submit your details through an easy process. 

But as you go through these requirements, you should keep in mind that the total payout from the settlement per individual is around $7.70. This number can change depending upon how many claimants express their interest in receiving the settlement money. 

The details required to file your claim include your name, mailing address, and email address. By submitting your information, you can record your interest to get the settlement funds. 

When Do You Receive the Google Settlement Money?

There is no set date on how soon you will be able to receive your Google class action lawsuit settlement compensation. It is because the settlement agreement is still dependent on approval from a court. That hearing is set for October 12, 2023. After the agreement is approved, you might get a clearer picture on how soon you can see your settlement funds in your account. 

However, the possibility of appeals can further delay this process. As a result, even after learning how to claim Google legal settlement money, you might need to wait for a noticeable period of time before being compensated by the search engine giant. 

How Soon Can You File Your Claim?

According to details of the agreement, you can file your claim until July 31, 2023. After this date is passed, you will be unable to submit your claim. Depending upon how many people submit their claim on the dedicated website before the deadline, the individual payout of $7.70 each might also fluctuate. 

If you are interested in receiving the compensation against Google’s settlement agreement, you should submit your claim without any delay. You will then be able to receive updates according to how the rest of the case moves forward. 

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