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Have You Heard of DataCamp?

How do you stay indispensable in a world that is changing quickly? 

The simple answer is that you would need to ensure that you have skills that are in demand. It is even more important to have skills that will continuously be important into the future. 

Indeed, it would be quite beneficial to have skills in areas that leading organizations couldn’t get enough of as they execute their projects.

One buzzword that you keep on hearing right now is data.  You’ve probably heard that data is the new oil and have maybe wondered why companies say that. Yes, data means quite a bit in this connected world. 

The leading organizations of the world from Google to Facebook to Netflix and others rely on data to generate massive revenues. Google and Facebook sell ad space and different types of data on their valuable platforms. Meanwhile, Netflix will use data to recommend shows and movies that are likely to resonate with its audience.

On the other side, you have companies that range from Splunk to Datadog that have gained significant public market valuations as they’ve deployed data processing tools. These publicly traded companies like Snowflake, Alteryx, and Elastic N.V., all have significant interest from partners and consumers.

Data can produce magical results for companies when used correctly and it looks like data will be more critical as more nations go online.

In a world that is going digital and relying on data, it would seem that those that have data skills would be in high demand. That’s great and all, but where would you start? How would you obtain the right skills in a simple way? How would you get your foot in the door?

One simple way to get up to speed and learn the skills you need to succeed would be through DataCamp.

Here is what you need to know about DataCamp.

What is DataCamp?

DataCamp is a platform that enables you to build data skills online. The company understands that data is a part of the future of work and wants to help more people gain the skills they will need to thrive in the present and in the future.

The platform lets you create a free account by logging in with your email, Google, Linkedin, or even Facebook account. You get to jump in and start learning the fundamentals of data analysis for free.

From Python to R to SQL to Scala, BI tools, and much more, you can learn quite a bit about data tools and become proficient in data analysis.

What is fantastic about this platform is that it caters to individuals and corporations, like the one that you would end up working at if you possess the right data skills. It notes that over 2,000 companies use the platform to increase the skillsets of their employees.

A few prominent corporations that use this platform include Google, Intel, and even Uber.

How Does DataCamp Work?

DataCamp has a simple methodology that it uses to help more people learn data skills. It believes in the idea that people learn best by doing. This seems like a smart way to learn. You can watch other people skateboard or ride a bike but until you start to do it yourself, you don’t really make progress.

While gaining familiarity in working with data can seem scary, a platform like DataCamp can provide a pathway and building blocks to get you to where you need to be comfortably.

Its process consists of assessment, learning with interactive courses, regular daily practice, and application. The last part, application, lets you solve real world problems. This means that you get hands-on experience to ensure that you have a good grasp on these skills.

What We Like about DataCamp

Here are a few reasons why DataCamp is great:

  • Learn new technologies like Python, R, SQL, Excel, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Learn from guided tracks designed by experts
  • Get certified as a data scientist or data analyst
  • Get career coaching from experts

It would certainly help to have a genuine interest in data analysis and why it matters in the world. This would help you to have further opportunities to dive deeper and learn as much as you can about these data tools and how they can be valuable to help you solve problems.

A platform like DataCamp will help you to obtain certifications, resume reviews, interview prep, and customized job search.

What Will It Cost You?

The price of the product will vary.

For instance, it offers a free version, a standard version, a premium version and packages for businesses. The costs range from free to $25 per month.

The platform is running a Nnew Yyear’s sale and enables individuals to start with a Ppremium annual plan at a steep discount.

Start with the free version and find out if you are interested in data science and the various opportunities it can open up for you.

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