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Harness the Full Potential of Android Wi-Fi with Some Useful Apps

Wireless networks are becoming dominant to provide mobile users with ultimate experience of accessing the internet. Pre-installed widgets for Wi-Fi make the best possible efforts to entertain the Android users. However, there are some applications that can enrich the experience of Wi-Fi usage on Android devices. Not only are these applications free, they are easy to use and can serve a number of different purposes:



Locating Wi-Fi spots in an area is possible with in-built widgets of Android devices. However, finding the exact hotspot can be time-consuming. But not with Lookator, an interesting application that displays the available networks on the device’s screen by turning the camera on. Locating the hotspot could not have been easier right?



The application works as a scanner that helps the users to find all possible Wi-Fi networks nearby. Not only that, the application provides detailed information about each of the available options, including SSID tag, encryption method, signal strength, channel and so on. It is a good application to differentiate between secured and unsecured networks.

Smarter Wi-Fi


Indeed a smart application, Smarter Wi-Fi permits the Android users to schedule when to enable or disable the Wi-Fi connection. It eliminates the need of manually switching between on and off states. The result is that you can preserve a lot of battery power by keeping the Wi-Fi off when you don’t require it at all. Smart Wi-Fi Toggler is another similar kind of application that control’s the phone’s Wi-Fi usage on the basis of its location.

Wi-Fi Analyzer


It is easy to find Wi-Fi networks available in a specific area. What is more difficult is to find the network with less crowded channel. Wi-Fi Analyzer addresses this issue by helping Android users to choose the connection with the least number of users at a particular time. Hence, you can enjoy fast speed and better range using this application.

Free Zone Wi-Fi


Finding and getting connected through a Wi-Fi network was never so easier. Free Zone Wi-Fi is a simple but effective Android application that instantly locates not only open but shared Wi-Fi networks as well. As soon as it comes in contact with a free Wi-Fi hotspot, it automatically connects the device to the internet. The latest addition to the application is a map screen that displays free Wi-Fi zones all over the world.

All the apps listed above are extremely useful when it comes to connecting to Wi-Fi or locating the same. Some of these also help you with managing the Wi-Fi connection. Apart from these, there is simply no limit to the Wi-Fi applications for Android phones or tablets and you can keep on trying them to finally go with the best ones.