All Hail, YA Fiction Queen, Emma Watson!

It’s obvious that Emma Watson has been the most successful out of the Golden Trio in landing roles post-Harry Potter, and after trying out a variety of roles from the shockingly tongue hanging and pole dancing Nicki to the heavy drama role of Noah’s adopted daughter Ila, Emma will be returning to the Young Adult genre as the Queen of the Tearling.

Queen of the Tearling

Based on Erika Johansen’s debut novel, Queen of the Tearling introduces us to Princess Kelsea Raleigh Glynn, raised in exile and taught the language, history, and politics fit for ruling the kingdom of Tear, a broke, utopian society set in a Middle Ages sort of future. It’s not exactly a paradox, but it’s enough to make you wonder what happened in the future to rid the world of technology and drive the people to ride on horsebacks and use swords. But back to Kelsea, she ascends the throne on her nineteenth birthday and finds that the kingdom she inherited as well as her late queen mother were not at all how she imagined. She then takes it upon her to correct the wrongs of the past and build Tear on a righteous path, but in doing so, she’ll not only have to deal with insecurity, shirtless guards, and love but also receiving the neighboring Red Queen’s wrath.

The Movie Adaptation

First of all, I’d really like to know Johansen’s agent or to whom she’s related to have lucked out with the literary and Hollywood gods. The Tearling novel is only set to debut on July 8, 2014 and already pre-debut, the book has struck not only a seven figure deal but also Emma Watson. It could be the fact that both Emma Watson and Erika Johansen are managed by the same talent agency, William Morris Endeavor (WME), but according to Emma during her guest editorial stint at Wonderland Magazine, she “became obsessed with the role and the book. Now [she is] executive-producing it”. This marks not only Emma’s return to the YA fantasy genre and franchise but also her behind-the-scenes debut.


It’s already too early to realize the general review of the book as few people have just received and read copies of it, so one can only imagine whether this is a literary masterpiece or something that’s just a royal waste of investment. Story aside, it is a surefire that it will bring seats at the cinemas with Emma Watson headlining the film and Harry Potter producer David Heyman taking the reins. It is almost a guaranteed cash cow marketing scheme to cast everybody’s favorite young actress and Brown graduate even if the book may not be able to deliver. But who am I to say when I can’t even get my hands on the book yet?

With Tearling already signing a trilogy deal for the series, rookie Johansen will have a lot to prove that she received this heavenly blessing due to the grand epicness of Kelsea’s journey in queendom.

But wait, Emma as Kelsea? Seems unlikely.

What makes the casting of Emma even stranger is that Johansen apparently very clearly states that Kelsea is plain and “round and ruddy as a tomato“, which Emma is anything but. She may have played off being the bushy-haired bookworm as young Hermione back in the first 2-3 Harry Potter movies, but Potterheads and non-Potterheads alike will agree that Emma has grown to be a bright, beautiful young woman. It’ll take a strong attempt of uglifying to dull Emma’s natural shine.


Nevertheless, Emma has already very clearly given a lovecall to the role and novel and has chosen the movie as her first official dive into being behind the camera, too. Emma has reportedly been training and bulking up in horseriding, combat training and even snaring rabbits!

Get ready to bow down

The movie release has not been set, but that gives us time to practice our curtsies and catch up with the highly anticipated novel. Stay tuned on GeekInsider for updates on this new YA franchise and our YA Fiction Queen, Emma Watson.